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what's everybody listening to now?

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geeze, and I missed that. I made a huge mistake. Them niggas know their stuffing.

Japanese friend of mine has an album by Aha (don't laugh). From a few years ago apparently. It is actually really good. I didn't know who it was before I listened so there was no pre-ideas. Not poppy at all, quite moody in fact.

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I've put some Chigago Blues and Jazz, plus Atlantic and Motown Soul into Pandora. It's spitting out some great lesser known acts.


Jonnie Johnson

Screamin Jay Hawkins (outrageous)

Big Joe Turner

Willie Dixon

Etta James (magnificent)

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A little of everything...


J-pop....Otsuka Ai, Spitz, B'z, Glay, Dragon Ash


Lounge....Lamb, Air, Zero-7


Rap...Ludacris, SnoopDog, Ol Dirty Bastard


Rock...RedHotChiliPeppers, Green Day, No Doubt


Classical...Tchicovsky, Bach, Stravinsky


and of course...the master himself, god rest his soul....James Funking Brown!



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I recently bought the new Kasabian Cd... not as good as the 1st but pretty damn good nun the less.


Also hear the new Incubus Album- Brilliant. Pretty thrash but good for the ride home after a long day.


James Morrison - bluesy/folky pretty mainstream but unexpectedly good album.


Anybody have anything random that's a must hear??

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