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  1. and what if they start to have farting competitions. Jeeze.
  2. there are cheat batter mixes in Aeon especially for the light fluffy tempura. Can't be arsed to try it though.
  3. Seriously Ipps, Korea is a hell of a nicer place to live than ****ing mainland China.
  4. You will start picking at the TV series and acting like a purist nazi dickwad.
  5. Isn't Des dead? or on some sex charge from 1962?
  6. and seasoning. What is that? And what is the name of the Winter Wonderland when it is not Winter?
  7. Thrones 4 is very intriguing. Alas it ends in 3 eps.
  8. Last week, when it was my turn to drive, I wished that a self driving car would be available. All the fabulous food and Awamori to stuff my face with and I get hunkered on driving duty.
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