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  2. Choguwanga

    Thinking about Hyogo...

    Anyway I am looking forward to checking it all out. Let's hope it is a heavy snowfall season.
  3. We didn't find a bus service from one to the other. Get to Echigo Yuzawa station from either and then go out to the other.
  4. Freddy Stone

    Getting to Joetsu Kokusai from Yuzawa

    Atema was the area we liked best too. The shiruko café round the back is recommended.
  5. Earlier
  6. Really want to check out Hakkoda. But my best two days in terms of snow conditions are Furano (not huge amounts but top quality) and Moiwa in Niseko.
  7. Both worth a visit and hassle free to get to in a rental car within an hour.
  8. (MADARAO) Jobs Available / Employment Information on jobs available at Raicho Lodge Madarao in Madarao, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-general-information/employment-opportunites-at-raicho-lodge-madarao
  9. In 'normal' conditions, which is quicker/easier to get to from Niseko, Kiroro or Rusutsu? We plan on having a rental car. Thanks!
  10. (MADARAO) Jobs Available / Employment Information on jobs available at Active Life Group in Madarao, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-general-information/employment-opportunites-at-active-life-madarao
  11. Thanks ShigaMac for the detailed memory. It must have been frustrating and I wonder how many actually returned to ski again? For example I can imagine that most people tried 1 or 2 seasons and then stopped. Hence, the business died? In Sweden we had many t bar lifts next to each other. They were reasonably fast for the 80ish. Lift lines were kept to a minimum, but could reach 20 minutes to a max. then people would start complaining. I think 5-10 minutes was normal for a lift queue.
  12. 3 parallel chair lifts. I wonder, was that actually planned. Or just 'we need a bigger boat' kind of situation so they added another? (Presumably the latter?)
  13. Oh lots to choose from but it must be between a particularly excellently timed day at Hakuba 47/Goryu and Nozawa.
  14. BagOfCrisps

    Is Nagano city a good place to stay...

    I highly recommend staying close to the snow and just visiting Nagano for a day.
  15. muikabochi

    Is Nagano city a good place to stay...

    I quite like Obuse and Nagano city too when it's not too crowded. Can't remember what they were called but one of the local foods that it is know for was really good.
  16. I am not sure that they even have a bus service from one directly to the other (though I may be wrong). I usually visited both each season when I lived there though. Joetsu Kokusai would take the best part of a day to cover - it's really spread out and not helped by some slow lifts, but even so I kind of like it. Especially the back and side areas. Iwappara is perfect for beginners, better skiers and boarders will need to head to the top area for some challenge.
  17. They are not really a 2 in one day setup. As you say it's 30 minutes or so by road from one to the other. It's more just a business\marketing relationship I think, they are owned by the same company. They have a joint season ticket too if you like both of them.
  18. I could describe why I think Niseko village disaster. 1. The Niseko gondola is super slow. It took about 20 minutes to ride up! And it is very small, so it is not a nice feeling at all to ride. 2. Country road chair is an old lift which is in my opinion not even worth to ride. 3. The sopes are not straight, instead they sweep to the side. For example, Namara and Junk yard was a big disappointment. Then the slope goes over to Banzai which is too flat. all in all the run is strange. 4. Cruiser and Next Stage slopes are also too flat. In my humble opinion the combination of old slow lifts and no convincing slopes make it a negative experience. The double diamond runs where closed when I was there and could therefore not comment on them.
  19. s5804

    Zao and the area

    Hi Calvin. I have been skiing in Zao and could offer my impression. But maybe you can help us describing what you are looking for in a resort? For example how much and how steep you like to ski? Carving or snowboard? For example, I am used to the large Alp resorts in Austria and Italy. Therefore for me Zao is a 2 days resort. In my opinion the lift system have good points, for example some newer-ish detachable covered chair lifts. One useful gondola for 4 persons because it is fast and takes you from the bottom to a good peak in one go. Then some bad points, for example, the two older rope-ways are for me a waste of time and only annoying. Further, the mountain is full of old lifts which are left from the stone age (1980 ish). When I ski in Zao I cherry pick the slopes which are to my liking. And yes I would go back again. If scenery is important, I can tell you that I never had blue sky and due to the stormy conditions hardly could see the snow monsters. But if you are lucky...
  20. Yes, I also visited Rusutsu, but we had no powder that day. Therefore I have no experience how the tree runs are in terms of steepness and how spaced out the trees are. Would you be able to help to suggest areas good for power with wide spaced out trees? Thank you.
  21. Hi. Please would it be possible to describe in what way it is lovely? Thank you.
  22. Hi! I see that Iwappara in Yuzawa town and Joetsu Kokusai in Minamiuonuma city seem to have a 'joint ticket' and various tie-ups. What's the story there? You can't ski both in a day can you (or would you), they're a 30 minute or so ride from each other, right?
  23. JellyBelly

    Looking for good Powder for learning

    Chance of being disappointed with amounts of fresh snow in the Myoko mountains is generally less than other areas.
  24. JellyBelly

    Thinking about Hyogo...

    Personally I'd go a bit further to get the better chance of snow conditions. Not that I know how much snow they get but are their seasons reliable over there in the western regions?
  25. muikabochi

    Ski/snowboard rental gear experiences

    They are good for protecting trees against violent typhoons as well as props for winter.
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