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  1. I lost a bit but have sort of given up now. After all, winter is approaching when... I eat more and don't exercise enough for it to make a difference.
  2. Ended up watching one called Mr Brooks last night which has Kevin Costner and Demi Moore in it. Odd movie it was.
  3. I reckon United would have beaten City if Smalling hadn't been a dick.
  4. At half time I thought it would be much worse than it ended up. Scoreline anyway.
  5. Not the brightest of the bunch is he?
  6. You get the license at the driving license centre, not the driving school.
  7. That equalizer was shocking in it's quality and timing. Brilliant goal.
  8. "Too early in the game for a yellow" I'm sorry, you what?!?
  9. Just saw a good friend of mine in the crowd singing.
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