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  1. Have they even cut down trees on that band along the right side as well?
  2. As I'm not technical and into the details of bikes, basically what looks and feels good to me really. Read reviews online as well of course.
  3. I think I'm going to get a Suzuki V-Strom 650. Going to decide at the weekend.
  4. Was thinking about this last night Tubby. Reception window - 1 Buying 'stamps' - 2 Next person - 3 Eye test - 4 Next person - 5 Next person - 6 Next person - 7 (photo) Get licence - 8 Yes, I had to go through 8 stages and different people to get the licence.
  5. Blimey getting the licence was a pain! In the end, after all that, all that has changed are 3 kanji added! They're pretty important though, I suppose.
  6. stemik - collected and stored? What's with that then? I presume you don't have a garage for it to stay in, as someone storing it will cost a bit (right?)
  7. Not decided yet going to have a few test rides. I'm sure I'll pick quickly though.
  8. Actually, I didn't bow at all. I thought I'd feel ridiculous and anyhow they hadn't actually told me to do anything like that. I was too busy trying to concentrate anyway. I think stemik just came across a particularly crusty old tool there!
  9. I passed! Thought it might would be borderline as I finished up as there were a few "imperfections" that I knew about, but luckily I didn't wipe out on any of the "instant fail" things which was a relief. Anyway they passed me so all that lot doesn't matter now! Have to go and get my license now. And a bike!
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