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  1. Did they give you marks or just a pass/fail? Do tell more, very interested!
  2. Did you find out your result immediatialy after?
  3. Even more importantly...... have you decided on what bike you are going to get?
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGJL_sQTZOE
  5. I have come back evenings on weekdays and never had any holdups. That was to Saitama area though rather than further south.
  6. Friends were planning on being there this weekend. He's glad he came down with a bad cold!
  7. Is there anything in the Zao area, apart from Zao? It's kind of out on it's own isn't it.
  8. My laptop freaked out recently. I bought a USB keyboard for it and that fixed it. Could hardly believe it, 700 yen for a Elecom keyboard and it's fairly decent too. Free delivery. How on earth can they make cash at that price?!
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