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  1. Not recently but I always found tax issues an annoyance. Not knowing how much any import tax would be is a serious downer.
  2. I'm really loving this. Thanks so much for all the obvious effort. Especially surprised to find out about all the places there used to be around Iiyama and Shiga Kogen. Had no idea!
  3. klingon

    To ski school or not ski school?

    I had 2 lessons at first but that was it. Glad I took them. Patient friends who can help are great if you have them!!
  4. klingon

    Hakuba Goryu or Hakuba 47?

    I don't think that was in question. Though good to make a note of. Personally I also prefer the 47 side.
  5. klingon

    Narita Express or Keisei Skyliner

    One time when I didn't have much luggage I took the normal Keisei train. It was cheaper than the skyliner and took longer but not too much longer. It wouldn't be a problem with suitcases(s) too I imagine at times when the train isn't too busy. The bus is pretty convenient too. NE comes across as being just too expensive.
  6. How are you ever going to get lots of people to pay money to use something they have used for free, when most of those people won't even post photos from the trips that they go to using free tickets provided by said free service? It just isn't reality. Maybe for some, not for many.
  7. Sad to hear, but sure can understand. (Another one with forums running experience here!)
  8. klingon

    Good movies you've seen recently

    Pirates of Silicon Valley for any Jobs-related movie.
  9. Yes, lots of talented people for sure. They must be devastated.
  10. klingon

    Cho-yummy things

    All sound good to me
  11. They're trying ever so hard to make our money robe as of little value as possible. Domo
  12. Doesn't sound like enough to get the job dove properly really
  13. Delayed indefinitely. Wouldn't be surprised if it never appears
  14. klingon




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