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  1. How are you ever going to get lots of people to pay money to use something they have used for free, when most of those people won't even post photos from the trips that they go to using free tickets provided by said free service? It just isn't reality. Maybe for some, not for many.
  2. Sad to hear, but sure can understand. (Another one with forums running experience here!)
  3. Yes, lots of talented people for sure. They must be devastated.
  4. They're trying ever so hard to make our money robe as of little value as possible. Domo
  5. Doesn't sound like enough to get the job dove properly really
  6. Delayed indefinitely. Wouldn't be surprised if it never appears
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqQiRL8kYq4
  8. Who gets that though, will any of that actually go to DHL?
  9. and... you can get them on amazon.co.jp too!
  10. They did sort of. Anyway it has been delayed. Cynical readers may think because they want to gather more impulse buys on the now-available version that you pay for.
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