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  1. Last night I watched the Rob Zombie remake of "Halloween". Bloody hell it was crap.
  2. Gutted to be drawn back at the end there. And that we didn't give United defence more of a problem.
  3. Moyes took over the champions of England. LvG took over a bunch of losers.
  4. I am going to go to Kawaba this coming season. Top of my list of new places to get to.
  5. Be careful with them... a single tea-tray lift ain't the same as a gondola!
  6. Yes me too, but this time the takyubin guy wanted. I'm guessing that after lots of people putting it in the bin, perhaps this is the new way. If you don't have a choice, what can you do?
  7. I recall similar kind of frustrations but... Just had to hand over over 3000 yen to receive some boots I bought. They came via DHL. On the slip it says Import duty - 1200 yen Consumption tax - 1200 yen Duty handling fee - 1080 yen WTF? And is there any way to predict this? Is there a price list somewhere, or do they just slap on whatever they want? Basically can't receive the package if I dont pay so there's zero choice. Bad mood.
  8. Are there any games where the ai drivers are anything but predictable?
  9. Other eligible players were.... well, actually, there weren't any!
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