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  1. That Nanamaki one is very interesting. Not just because I had no idea it existed, but taking a boat and walking up a hill!?!
  2. Thanks all good to hear. Surely many/most ski areas, hotels, everyone - including you guys too - will be affected by the messy situation. I'm sure folk will be following, even if they can't be here. Let us just hope that the snow situation is much better than 19-20!!!!
  3. Hey look, I found it! That sure came out of nowhere. https://www.snowjapanhistory.com I'm kind of embarrassed to learn that I lived close to a ski area.... that I never knew existed. Komaruyama in Muikamachi >> seriously, I had never heard anything about that. Seriously, well done on an excellent job. Looks like you have been very busy indeed. I'll be enjoying reading it all. (PS Surely no more Minamiuonuma surprises?)
  4. I know I'd be interested! ..... ..........
  5. Where are we, July? Hmmm. Not seeing much change since I last posted in May. Damn. That permanent resident thing, sounds like there are changes you could be given permission but I can't imagine it being a smooth and easy process. I dread thinking how frustrating that might get. It does seems way overly strict to not allow those folk to come back.
  6. I saw that too. I am guessing not quite normal. Hopefully the world will catch a break and things might go better/quicker than looks likely. Let us hope that the SNOW itself will be normal or normal+! Another 19-20 would be quite depressing.
  7. muikabochi

    Anyone have experience with forwarding services?

    Do those folks include custom charges in their charges? Or are they slapped on extra? Sometimes wondered about using something like that but always just seems too expensive when I have looked.
  8. muikabochi

    'Japanese' style snowboard carving lessons

    Not sure it will help electricbanana-san with his February trip to Hakuba! ;) By the way Annabelle, how quiet is it up there currently?
  9. It must be the bountiful powder snow.... what Japan is famed for! But seriously, next season it will be interesting to see how the marketing fellas deal with the crapfest of 19-20. Just ignore it?
  10. muikabochi

    Japan 2019-2020: a one off?

    We all certainly hope so. As you said, it's so different from normal. I think it has shocked a lot of folk. I'm sure the coronavirus situation is not helping. Double punch.
  11. muikabochi

    skiing late march

    The big ones up there usually go to Golden Week. This year? Hmmmmm..... Can't quite believe what's going on this year. Even though I am not there any more, me sad.
  12. I think this year places that were open had more than usual due to the fact that quite a few places could not open due to lack of snow. So not quite a 'normal' circumstance, even when you expect New Year to be busy of course..........
  13. muikabochi

    Is there enough snow in hakuba?

    Higher up in Hakuba seems to be ok, but it doesn't look like anywhere is doing particularly well this year. So far. Shockingly less than normal in Yuzawa/Minamiuonuma by the looks of things. I can only comment on that area in particular because I used to live there and know what it usually gets. It's kind of funny (though actually shocking/worrying) to see websites for some resorts claiming "powder snow" in their blurb, when there isn't even enough snow to open yet! Yikes. I really do hope the season can improve greatly/recover.
  14. I can't see them assigning more people lifts than is lawfully required. Problems getting enough staff / costs etc.


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