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  1. Here's my bit of honesty. If lots of people had not just been "take-take", and actually spent small amounts of time giving something back -- see Giveaways, posting reports etc -- then the SJ folk may have felt that it was worth continuing to devote almost every living hour of their lives to it. People will probably realise that they took it all for granted and how much they miss it. I must add that this is just my own opinion and not based on any comments coming from the people involved at all.
  2. It is a shame but I have got used to the idea after hearing a short while ago. I can understand why. And I thank you guys for all the hugely disproportionate amount of effort they sucked out of you! I'll still be uploading photos.
  3. Dark and gloomy and a bit wet this morning here.
  4. The sun is out again. May not last as long today though.
  5. Need to plan hugely in advance for the gondola ride if I plan to hit up Tenjindaira of course.
  6. Other than Mt Granview of course... At least once at the locals - more/most times at Maiko - and further afield I hope to go to Kawaba, Hakuba, Myoko and Sugadaira this season. Perhaps Zao.
  7. Beautiful all day here. If tomorrow is too ill get some snaps.
  8. Stunning day locally today. I might say it is peak here now in the valley.
  9. I'm being good at the moment. Being really busy helps in that respect.
  10. Apparently it was down to around 3 overnight here. Lovely morning blue skies and the sun out.
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