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  1. I think this year places that were open had more than usual due to the fact that quite a few places could not open due to lack of snow. So not quite a 'normal' circumstance, even when you expect New Year to be busy of course..........
  2. muikabochi

    Is there enough snow in hakuba?

    Higher up in Hakuba seems to be ok, but it doesn't look like anywhere is doing particularly well this year. So far. Shockingly less than normal in Yuzawa/Minamiuonuma by the looks of things. I can only comment on that area in particular because I used to live there and know what it usually gets. It's kind of funny (though actually shocking/worrying) to see websites for some resorts claiming "powder snow" in their blurb, when there isn't even enough snow to open yet! Yikes. I really do hope the season can improve greatly/recover.
  3. I can't see them assigning more people lifts than is lawfully required. Problems getting enough staff / costs etc.
  4. muikabochi

    Early season in Japan

    Looking like places are struggling to open. Ski resort managers must get very worried this time of year!! Well, if it isn't snowing much......
  5. muikabochi

    Kagura early season

    Good to see the first snow in town. Let us hope things can get started on a decent timeline this year.
  6. Nice post ShigaMac and I was nodding in agreement at a fair few of those points. Ski hills with slower pair lifts probably don't sell as many half day/4 hour tickets - you need a day to get around and get enough skiing as a place with super fast lifts. I was basically told that by a ski-jo manager/worker a few years back. He seemed contented with their plethora of pairs! Not to mention having little cash and certainly not enough to get a revamped lift system. I have heard that Lotte Ara is scarily empty, though perhaps it will get more people going. But I have heard that visitors from South Korea to Japan are generally well down this year. I think they're taking the piss myself. 'First Class' tickets! I like the 'Economy/Business' comment on the page on SnowJapan. Funny. I love fast quads myself! On a weekday. At a place where the school trips don't go. When there's fresh snow. And the sun is out, perhaps a few scenic clouds. Easy to please.
  7. muikabochi

    Kagura early season

    You're welcome, though I only read it myself on the Kagura page here. Thanks SnowJapan.
  8. muikabochi

    Kagura early season

    I see the course back down to the Mitsumata car park will be closed this season due to damage from last months typhoon. https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/niigata/yuzawa/kagura It was many years ago since I last used that anyway. Wonder if it was popular...
  9. muikabochi

    Buying ski equipment for Myoko

    Hi Fleety, I will start by saying that I do not have the most experience in buying gear! But, I would imagine buying before Japan and bringing with you would be better. Less 'panic' and less wasted time, more choice, probably less expensive. Nozawa and Myoko are small villages/towns and while you may well be able to buy stuff, there'd (surely) be limited choice and likely more expensive than you could get elsewhere... Anyway, that's what I think.
  10. Many Japanese ski hills are owned and operated by small companies. They're not huge international operations. And they struggle to survive (see: over 200 closing in the last few decades). Of course there are some larger operators. For example Prince. And they closed down a bunch of ski resorts a decade or so ago. Things got really dicey for lots of skijo when the ski boom finished and suddenly income dried up. Lotte Arai threw ski boom type crazy money at that resort so it should be good. Remember to take out your own loan to go there!!
  11. muikabochi

    Kagura early season

    I think the earliest that I went was mid November. Unless my memory is playing tricks with me, I'm pretty sure they used to open earlier than 23rd Nov which seems to always be the target date now.
  12. muikabochi

    Naeba & Kagura

    Haha, yes. Ah those were the days... empty weekday slopes nearby.......
  13. Can just imagine a silly gondola going over the Kanetsu Expressway, Route 17 etc. Quite funny actually. I don't know if the Prince stories were just made up or not. There certainly were more than few bonkers ideas proposed though so wouldn't put it past them!
  14. muikabochi

    Naeba & Kagura

    Naeba is more instant than Kagura. I always feel it takes ages to get over to the main Kagura area -- probably feels more because I was often on my own! Once you are there though often treated to lovely snow.
  15. muikabochi

    Ski rentals, Fukushima, Akita, Iwate.

    Hi, you paying that for what exactly?


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