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  1. I can answer my own question now, having been to Zao. Zao is very different to the Alps. In Zao I could hardly find a rental shop in the beginning. I walked from the buss station to the Rope way and there was only hotels and places to eat. After sometime I found places, but very small and inconvenient. The ski selection was very limited. Most skis were crap and old, but there was also a few new skies top skies. The prices was very different depending on shop. One little shop was double the price for the same pair of skis compared to where I finaly rented. In the end I rented in a
  2. Hi I see various reports that they only rent very old skiis in Zao. I dont have much time to walk around comming with the bus from Sendai. Can someone help. In which rental shop in Zao Onsen do they have at least previous season skiies for hire? How aboue the shop next to the main cable car building?
  3. ¥8950 that sounds like an amazing deal. 8 hours skiing pass alone is ¥4500 and more depending on season.
  4. I been there in very windy and snowy conditions. Thanks to the wind cover lifts it was still very good and the staff groomed lifts and slopes very well. The wind covered chair lift infront of the base loge is dedicated to Snowboarders. No footrest. The connecting slope is a nice gentle blue one. It is also the main flood light slope in the evenings. The fast long wind covered chair lift all the way out to the left in the system is connecting to a very nice long red sope, which I enjoyed a lot. How much are you approx paying per night?
  5. Before answering maybe you can explain a bit what you are looking for. For example are you skiing, snowboarding, in or off piste? Generally Appi can be devided into 2 areas; one area has long fast, wind covered, lifts. The other area is old with short and ultra slow chair lifts. It is very big contrasts. The old lifts are probably dating back from early 80-ish technology. On the otherside the new lifts have perfect standard and are a pleasure to ride. Further, Appi is kind of steep in the upper parts and then it gets flat in the lower part. Some pists are extended very long into the f
  6. I am leaving in the morning from Sendai. Appi seems to be snow safe before new year? But honestly I am just learning about the locations in Japan and are happy for suggestions.
  7. For the kids it is Schnitzel with fries. And a hot chocolate. I would prefer spaghetti. And a hot chocolate as well.
  8. As the topic question is very general I take the freedom to answer for central Germany, like Frankfurt am Main. It looks like the winter will start this weekend. Today it is raining like crazy at see level, but in around 700m it is snow, snow, snow. Can't wait to get the family on to the slopes in Rhön region this weekend.
  9. As I will be skiing only one or maybe two days between Christmas and New Year I like to get help on where to go. I am an advanced skiier and like carving, hence not looking for powder. Given the snow situation it looks like Appi Kogen and Tazawako could be fully open. I like the resort to be to 95% open in order to get a really good idea and experience. Reading on this forum my impression is that Tazawako is steeper more advanced, but small. Appi Kogen has a bigger area but maybe to flat for my style? Further, how are the chair lifts. Which resort has reallt fast lifts with bulb
  10. I am planning a day trip to Appi Kogen. Main reason is because I have very little time and a JP rail pass. In order to make it work I am looking for tips and trick. My main goal is to ski as many minutes as possible. Right now I am thinking of arriving with Shinkansen to Morioka at 7:55 in the morning. Then take the buss to Appi Kogen arriving approx 9:45. I would need to rent advanced carving skiis and get a day pass. Would there be something to think about? Many different rental providers with different quality gear? Further I like to leave appi Kogen as late as possible to catc
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