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  1. The best area for sports stores in Tokyo is Jimbocho, close to Kanda (Yamanote line) and Ochanomizu (Sobu line).
  2. How are you getting back from Hakuba? By bus or train? If you are flying out of Narita, the alternative area to stay would be in the Ginza or Tokyo Station area. Plenty of shopping there, and easy access to Ryogoku (for the Kokugikan, i.e. sumo) as well as all other parts of Tokyo by subway lines and the Yamanote line. It's really up to you, because you can catch the Narita Express from Shinjuku as well...
  3. Skyline - under the pair lift - at Happo, and Cortina / Norikura because fewer people go there when its been snowing. 47 has nice views but is boring. Goryu too busy at the bottom, top runs can be good if there's fresh snow. Even quite liked Sun Alpina - Sanosaka when the snow is good... and the excellent Ramenya by Aokiko. Not really a clear answer, I'm afraid
  4. BigDook, You asked a perfectly reasonable question, then the thread descended into unlrelated joshing. Sorry about that. But....nobody knows. Hopefully there'll be a big dump before Christmas. Many times it's nicely snowy in Hakuba by New Year.
  5. The trees on either side of the King Triple at Hirafu, preferably when it's puking down. Thought night skiing was rubbish before I first tried it. Now I think daylight skiing is second rate.
  6. Thanks, Mr Wiggles, I know I was being a bit lazy not wading back through all of this thread to dig out the answers... Anyway, I have done Kagura day trips via Echigo Yuzawa more times than I can count, so I know the tricks and exactly how long that takes (our record's about 95 minutes from Tokyo Station to arrival at Mitsumata Ropeway if you catch the 07:00 fast train and assuming there's no taxi queue at Echigo), but I'm really looking forward to the chance to go somewhere decent on the Nagano Shink, which is traditionally a lot quieter than the Niigata. For those who don't know, H
  7. Can anyone tell me: 1. How far is Wakinoda Station (basically where the new shink station is being built) from Myoko Kogen skijo? 2. When will the shink to Myoko Joetsu open? 3. How much further in travel time will it be from Nagano (i.e. total travel time from Tokyo - I'm guessing about 2 hours). Whatever the case, with an early enough departure, you'll be able to do day trips from Tokyo. Thanks! SdS
  8. Who cares whether it snows more in Tokyo or not? I never ski in Tokyo... I have no idea what this winter holds, but I do see that this thread has turned into a debate on climate change rather than the specific predictions that I always enjoy thinking about at this time of year. Snowdude's prediction is completely unsubstantiated and if it happens to agree with what the Met Office is saying, then that's mere coincidence and nothing to do with practical observations. At times, most Japanese resorts will be epic this season. Gear up to get out there, I say! SdS
  9. Wow, look how my thread has grown !! Nice to see it's still going now winter HAS arrived - and what a winter it's shaping up to be... Got my first turns for the season at Kagura on Sunday. It was still a bit shallow in places, but the weather stayed cold and it snowed throughout. I'm also thinking of going again on Friday, but will leave the decision until Thursday. I love the place, but it's a drag on windy days when you make it over to Tashiro then you immediately have to turn back because they start closing lifts. In previous years, we've avoided having to take the "wrong" ropeway
  10. The Kagura webcams are making me feel very happy this morning. Together with the ski shop calling me yesterday to say that my new skis are ready to pick up, you could say the start of the winter's in sight.
  11. Well, it's distinctly chilly and wet in downtown Tokyo, so I'm guessing this is at least falling as snow up at higher elevations in the mountains. Hopefully! Looks like the start of winter proper from next week onwards. Would be great to get some turns in before Christmas. SdS
  12. Don't know about you lot, but I'm getting pretty tired of this unseasonably mild weather. When are we going to start seeing snow on the menu, for Hokkaido at least? Also, I know it's just a waste of energy guessing, but what about your wildly optimistic predictions for the season's snowfall? These seem to be lack on the forums so far this year... hit me. SdS
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