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  1. I drive shuttle bus for a hotel. Everyone wants to go to Cortina so I had 2 runs out to Cortina 8.00am and 10.00 am. Last year Cortina started a pick-up shuttle bus servise for Goryu to Cortina directly no other stops and drop you back at Goryu by 5.30 pm . It picked up at 7.30am out front of Sultana. The cost was Y 5000 per head. Ok, it sound good so far but it will be a hassle get to 5 people organise and have breakfast and get your gear and group to the pick up spot before 7.30 am. Most hotels do not start serving breakfast until 7.00 am and no refunds if you miss the bus. If you decide to
  2. With my rental I booked for Feb next year (Small AWD with snow tyres) for 21 day will cost me $1100 AUD. Remember 0 alcohol limit are enforce. So if your going to drink don,t drive. So think hard about renting a car in Japan if you thinking of hit the piss while on holiday because even if you have stack in the afternoon after a big night you will be over the limit. Will renting a car but a damper on your holiday? The shuttle bus are a good free service and will get you to the lift and gondola before opening.
  3. Try the Idemitsu service station in Hakuba. It is on the eastern side of route 148 s about 500 metres south from the Hakuba train station. It is a Hertz franchise I used in March 2013 and I hope you can speak Japanese. There is a Hertz franchise on the north side of Nagano Station but you have to consider toll charges will be on the bill when you pay. The toll are not expensive but you don,t know what extra fees Rental will put on top of the bill.
  4. The start to the season in Hakuba in 2011 was not so good. the top of Goryu was open from the 20 of Dec but only one run with all the local crew on it. They open the rest of resorts on the 25 of Dec with help of the snowmakers. The start to the 2012 season was great. The first dump came on around the 10 of Nov and just keep on coming. You will get a ride and all the resorts will be open but the quality is another thing. also it is the biggest crowd of the season during the Xmas week break.
  5. Try taking one Aspro or 1/2 or 200 mg of Ibuprofen in the morning, These are blood thiner so and adds better circulation. First ask Doc about it.
  6. New gear have a 300% mark up. It is cheap as chip if you have friends. No friend you end up paying the mark up like Tubs
  7. Wrong .it very cheap. You just have to have friends. It seem that some mouths on here have not
  8. I scored a pair of LIC Google with 740 or 1080 hd camera. I would not know the actual maker of the goggles Maybe Anon but they did me well all last season . No fogging and they came with replacement Lens of different shades. So if you thinking buy a pair of great goggles and a GoPro you can save heaps gearing up with these. Check them out on the Net. $300 US .
  9. O Yes. Otari no excuses I am sorry. I often visit the Bakery (the best in the Vally) there in Otari ( jdown from the station) in the morning before catching the train
  10. Yes Mamabear, way cheaper to eat out. For me I usual go for yakasoba at Chicken on a Stick /Fukinotou at Hakuba Station up the stair above the barber. Very Cheap and they do the best yakasoba in town.
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