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  1. Likewise Chriselle, it'd be good to catch up & share a Molson slopeside!
  2. A Canadian bloke I know doesn't fit any stereotypes as all he does is suck cold Molson while watching the NHL !!
  3. No, we thought we'd try the Hakuba Springs this time: In-house onsen, Jack's Bar next door to watch the Asian Cup footy at night, and opposite the bus stop for Goryu where Mrs. and Young Miss Big Al prefer to ski. Be good to touch base though mate - you obviously know the lie of the land!
  4. I wasn't going to comment on this on-going handbags-at-dawn squabble, but Biggen !!! Where the hell do you get this from ?? Your ill-informed condescension meter must have hit the red zone. :lol:
  5. It came with 245/70's (All terrain) as standard so it's not shy on road rubber. My cruise down the Gold Coast at the weekend obviously helped as I just sat on 1800 - 2000 rev's on the freeway. The fill up after the next one will give a truer picture. ie. a tankful used up sitting in bloody Brissie traffic trying to get to work.
  6. Marrillen Hotel have a slope side restaurant that does a good German bratwurst! Yeah, got that one covered - we stayed at the Marillen January this year and the Bratwurst isn't bad atall ! The Huttenzauber just across the slope is even better and has a wide range of Bavarian fare and nice Weissbier. It's only open at lunch time though - makes for an ideal lunch stop. Mmmmmmmmmm......just thinking about it currywurst and weissbier for lunch slopeside. It really doesn't get better than that !!
  7. Hooooeeeee !! - I forgot just how frugal diesels can be. 400k since I filled her up and the gauge says I'm still above half full !! :D
  8. Hey Stemik, are you a Hakuba resident? If so I'm sure you'd have the low-down on the best local boerwurst !!
  9. Hey everyone, thanks for all the great advice Plenty of food for thought so I'll do some more net search based on the above. We don't need Burj al Arab standards but don't want Backpackers...... Tubbs - the New Year Basho is being held at the Ryogoku Kokugikan from Jan 11th to Jan 25th. We're going to bus it from Hakuba to Nagano then take the Shinkansen (another bucket list item to be ticked off) to Tokyo. Is there a cheap way to cover the Shinkansen trip and 3 days of using Tokyo metro and a one way trip on the Narita express? Again, thanks in advance.
  10. I would imagine we're talking about a pretty vertical demand curve crawling up the "Y" axis in my case dude. I'm sure there are others with much more marketable bod's though, and remember you don't have to sell; renting is an option!!
  11. G'day All, After our ski trip to Hakuba, we'll be in Tokyo for 3 days (2 nights) in late Jan. - a Tokyo shopping trip for Mrs. & Miss Big Al was part of the trade off for the ski trip. Based solely on Net research I was thinking of booking a hotel in the Shinjuku area. 1.) Can anyone recommend a good hotel suitable for us (Mum, Dad & 2 teenage kids) in Shinjuku. Desirable attributes include late checkout (or baggage hold facility) on our last day so we can enjoy another Tokyo day before an evening flight out of Narita. 2.) Is there an area better than Shinjuku in which
  12. Hakuba (Happo One) for 12 ski days , Jan 10th - Jan 21st, then 3 days in Tokyo. Keen to try Cortina this time.
  13. Brave isn't the word That's bordering kamikaze !
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