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  1. There is a lot of it on. it's almost as if they are 'educating' their Japanese audience. Not in a good way. There's one on tonight. They just had one where they had a whats your image of Japanese people thing.
  2. A British backpacker troubled by weeks of nosebleeds found a three-inch long leech had been living up her nose for more than a month. Daniela Liverani believed the persistent nosebleeds she suffered while travelling around south-east Asia were down to a burst blood vessel from a motorbike crash. Days after returning to her Edinburgh home, however, she spotted an object in one nostril that she first dismissed as congealed blood. The 24-year-old graduate was rushed to A&E at Edinburgh's Royal Infirmary after realising she had an animal up her nose. Miss Liverani, originally from Glasgow,
  3. There were some funny stories around that said he had gout because he had eaten too much cheese or something!
  4. The free version will very probably be enough for me. Didn't they originally say that the full version would be "free" to Plus members?
  5. I djust like getting tired earlier, want to stay up late but doesn't happen as much.
  6. Yeah. The way Docomo labels it is iPhone Docomo Smartphones Obviously, that doesn't escape the fact that the iPhone is a smartphone. It's just the dominant one and apple gave probably demanded such treatment.
  7. But thanks to this thread I went in at lunchtime and found out that I could save 1500 yen a month by downgrading my data pack. Turns out over the last 6 months I have never used over 2GB, and so I downgraded to that amount. Cheers!
  8. I made a phone thread http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/topic/24188-iphone-6-and-other-smartphones/
  9. Nearly time! Going to be announced today/tomorrow. Probably available in US a week after. Looking forward to getting a bigger one. Do they usually release in Japan at the same time, or later?
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