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  1. Makes you think about checking on a mountains 'volcano status' before going! Status as in 'active or not'. Scary whatever.
  2. If someone emails you and cc's a list of people, do you reply and cc them all in as well or just reply to the guy who sent you the mail?
  3. An American woman has claimed to have had a third breast surgically added to her chest. The 21-year-old, who calls herself Jasmine Tridevil, wants to be a reality star. She posts videos of her daily life in Tampa, Florida, on Facebook to “show the struggles she faces because of her surgery.” 5 reasons why ‘woman with three breasts’ is probably a hoax Tridevil has also claimed she had the surgery because she didn’t want to appear as attractive to men. She claims her third breast was made using an implant and skin tissue cut from her abdomen. The surgeon was n
  4. Funny thing isn't it. Some grey hairs, a slight bit of receeding too, creaking joints. Hadn't really noticed anything until recently. Until now just seen my parents age while they are still doing fine, there's no escaping that they are not 'old'.
  5. Tomorrow, I'm going to get up late, watch movies, eat loads of food that's 'bad for me', drink lots, and eat and drink some more. Maybe play some video games. And go to bed really really late, it would shock my gran. I might even fart and do other snobby like things. Haven't done anything like that for ages.
  6. I'm surprised it isn't snowing in some of the most popular places already! Surely 'just round the corner'!
  7. Other than well worn tales that have no basis in fact! There's sure been a lot of rain this summer.
  8. Aki Aki is kind of like the Official Beer of SnowJapan isn't it.
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