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  1. It's a shame, I was for the most part really enjoying the banter. Most people here are veteran snowboarders so worried that it would be out of my league to go on a list, but nevertheless I would love to extend to offer of a pint (or daijoki) to some folk if there is time/inclination. Also some buddies to go with when lady Peetan has had enough for the year would be great, if they could put up with a 30 something noob (fun trivia: that was nearly going to be my profile name). Of course it must be said that the work gone into the site ha been really appreciated- I certai would not have known a lot of things if it weren't for here. Thanks to all the staff. And most of the posters
  2. I bloomin' loved ishigaki- a real slice of heaven. If you can, get to hirakawa and go in one of the glass bottom boats to see something wonderful. If it is actually warm enough to swim (definitely will be comparing to the bitter UK, fooking brisk all year round) then going to one of the nearby islands means you can snorkel or scuba and see some very amazing reefs. Kohamajima haimurubushi hotel is absolutely wonderful too, and might be reasonable this time of year.
  3. A. SAPIA tower. B. You can't get a room that fits 4 people in it. I tried finding it. Therefore cheapest is two TWIN rooms, at 470 dollars total. That is not a bargain, and not what you said. I also can't find the part that says the Sapia tower is 5-star rated. I'm only using the best available price on the OFFICIAL Marunouchi website, so I might be a little wrong, who knows. Please prove me wrong. It's great to see that you were in safe in that building, because were you in the other hotels that weren't damaged, you could have been killed. </sarcasm> I can see that you joined 3 months before me. Well done, you veteran. Please check before trying to belittle people; if you are on a hiding to nothing, people will definitely know. Oh, and MOST PEOPLE know not to use sweeping statements, because all they do is piss people such as myself off. However, is spite of this my sweeping statement is that most people probably don't give a damn, not a tiny care, about whatever grievance you have. I am fully aware that Tubby can fight his own battles. You're just getting on my nerves, which takes a lot by the way, and I am telling you such. Wind your neck in and change your tone.
  4. Apologies if in the wrong section! For summer I got an Olympus Stylus tough tg-3 as I was heading to Ishigakishima (Okinawa) with lady Peetan, and I wanted some nice underwater coral shots as well as thinking of the winter snow fun potential. It takes a good picture and the video isn't bad either, though the inability to disable autofocus/set manual focus is a bit of a pisser. It's a little heavier than the gopro I'd say, especially with the fisheye lens attached. about 2-3 times heavier than an iPhone 5S, as a comparison. However, I'm finding it really difficult to find chest/helmet/board mounts for anything that isn't action camera (sony, gopro, panasonic etc) or iPhone. I would have thought that a universal screw mount would have been easily findable, but unless I am blind (I might be) there aren't that many around, if at all. I heard that vacuum mounts don't work too well in the cold, either? Does anyone have any recommendations, preferably something I can buy in Japan?
  5. I assume the word "whole" means a single amount and the word generations is plural which means more then one. Can you used those two word in the same context? I thought my English was bad but I am Australian. Yet your profile says you are Japanese, resident in Australia. I'm pretty done with this actually, as the English ability jibes are super off topic- but for someone throwing some hefty rocks about, you sure do live in a pretty damn fragile glass house. You had the opportunity to explain to Tubby that your suggestion was high-class at his first post, but instead you inserted a racist slur. It's only now that you mentioned that it's a 5-star hotel. However, just a quick view for just a TWIN room in the marunouchi Metropolitan shows that it's at least 284 Australian dollars for that time in January. Oh, and it's 4-star, not 5-star. Get your facts straight. I honestly have no idea if you are deliberately trolling or you actually have no idea, but you need to either stop, or GTFO. I'll keep this in simple English: if you carry on like this, I will ask the forum staff to ban you, as it's souring the tone of the forum.
  6. Yes, please let's get back to the topic. If you can get to omiya (saitama) by 7am there are a fleet of busses that leave for various skijo, depending on the day you can get there quite early. Or there's an overnight "snowpal" train that leaves Asakusa at 11:50pm ish. It runs through the night and stops for you to sleep on it, before pulling in at Aizu at an ungodly hour you then transfer to bus and go to either Takatsue or Daikura. Return trip is from about 4:30. If you can stand sleeping on the seats, it's actually pretty good value.
  7. Actually my folks call it the bullet train... (Runs...) (...to 新横浜駅)
  8. I think you might be thinking of Tom Clevererly, the footballer.
  9. No I am not winding up. I am Shite at both English and Japanese but I don,t pretend like others So let me get this straight, using a dictionary.. Shin. Kan. Sen. 新 幹 線 新-しん、あたら・しい、あら・た: new, neo- , unused. 幹線- かんせん、main line, trunk line. From the kanji 幹- かん、meaning main tree trunk, and 線, せん、meaning line. So "new main line" is about as pretty darn direct a translation as is possible on this island of Japan. I would advise maybe checking yourself, before wrecking yourself. Sir.
  10. 新幹線? Are you winding us up, Biggen? Or are you shit at Japanese too?
  11. Peetan

    Make Me Laugh...Please..!

    Never really wanted a dog before, but your vid changed that a bit. Very handsome and friendly looking chap!


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