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  1. Just to quickly address Klingon's point...and then I'll leave it alone. If you go to the ih8mud forums for Landcruiser fans... you will see that while the forums are free so much information is presented by forum members that people feel compelled to contribute. Of the huge number of members on the site I would say 40~50% contibute. There is hope for humanity..
  2. Ya...agreed, I was up for a silver or gold star membership status system. I pay it on other forums that I frequent just to help out those who are working so hard to keep them going. What's $30 ~ $50 a year for something you use frequently and enjoy being a part of... That is of course in addition to trip reports, pictures, and giveaway writeups..
  3. Cheers David.... I just feel like someone took my "woobie" away... Is the chat room going to stay..?
  4. Ya know....I wish I could say I "understand" but really I don't. This forum was the only place that I could talk to folks about not only skiing but living our lives in Japan. It had a nice family atmosphere that I will surely miss. I will check in to the site for the odd daily report but quite honestly I got far more information from within the forums. Again, thank you admins for all your hard work but if you take the human element out what are you left with......? I just had to say how I feel and not just leave it at "thanks and goodbye". Gentlemen (and ladies),, it has been both an
  5. Woah...!! Gutted as well. Cheers to David and the boys... and all the fine members of the forums. It's been a blast and I hope our paths cross again!!
  6. Down here at the end of the peninsula in Shimoda they have a little sand ski slope. Never done it though..
  7. dat's aboot right, eh?? Don't ferget the maple cured back bacon, eh!! Seriously though...I do notice my friends talking like that sometimes...
  8. There's a fine line between ..enthusiastic and desperate... Yeti in November certainly leans toward the latter.
  9. Likewise Chriselle, it'd be good to catch up & share a Molson slopeside! For sure!! Probably have to substitute the Molson though....
  10. Dec 26 to Jan 2nd....Kamui and maybe Furano. Jan 9-12 at Myoko. The rest of the season will be mostly weekends at Hakuba and maybe try to get to Shiga Kogen.
  11. I prefer to profile rather than stereotype...
  12. I saw on the news that Yeti opened on Wednesday......not that I'm going to go or anything like that....
  13. Put 255/85's, bull bar, lift, winch, cage and rack, off-road lights and other trail rigging...... fuel economy takes a bit of a hit. That's pretty good if you are getting 800+kms per fill up.
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