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  1. Thanks Guys, we were going to check out some of the resorts in Myoko then day trip it out to Charmant. I had also thought about Zao, it does sound good, so will look into that too. Mt Granview...well i'd be silly not to check this place out at some stage in my life now wouldn't I?
  2. Can anyone recommend some smaller resorts on Honshu which may have a more unique experience? We have a few sets of visitors arriving in early 2015 who have already been to some of the more well known resorts (Niseko, Hakuba, Nozawa) so I am trying to think of a more local resort to head to. So the only place on the list is Charmant Hiuchi for a day trip, can anyone else suggest other places that may be more suitable for 2 - 3 days?
  3. Thanks Snowdude, I have Health insurance through my company so I hope i'll be covered for most injuries. However I was more hoping for the traditional Ski Insurance in case of flight cancellations due to weather, Piste closures, Avalanches, personal liability etc etc. Doesn't sound like Iike i'll be able to get it.
  4. Hi All, I am an Australian Citizen and current Resident of Japan. Can anyone give me advice on Travel insurance, in particular Ski insurance for this situation? When i was living in Singapore I was required to obtain ski insurance through a Singapore provider. Is it the same here? All the ski insurance I seem to find seems to be geared and worded towards international travelers coming to Japan. Hopeing some of the residents here in my situation can recommend a ski insurance provider for my upcoming Niseko and Nozawa trips. Cheers V
  5. Thanks Guys, we are hosting a Christmas eve at ours for our friends, but they all have to woork Christmas day...our companies close for Christmas so yeah we might just have to go for a wander and see what we can find
  6. Hi All, We are new to Japan this year, looking forward to another week in Hakuba over new years however have not spent Christmas in Tokyo as yet. Does anyone have any reccomendations for a Christmas Lunch somewhere that is decent? Looked at the Champagne Brunch @ Ritz-Carlton, but it seems a bit steep and only goes for 1hr 45mins.
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