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  1. Same here. No pount either. Like Bags said, not going to change how much I buy. Unless it changes drastically of course.
  2. Sounds like you might actually have to work though!
  3. I actually watched The Dark Knight Rising today. Found it rather long and outstaying it's welcome. I liked the bits where Anne Hathaway was in the rubber suit though and we could see her bottom.
  4. I will double down to contribute pics and reviews this season, promise! Feel I owe you guys.
  5. I'm waiting for the rather elegant looking Grovemade walnut and leather one Will go with my furniture.
  6. It's weird, as soon as I "move on" a spider or two, next time I look there's another.
  7. I like all the frogs jumping around our garden, but less keen on spiders and the webs they make. They seem to like one tree in particular. I was wondering.... are they a good thing for a garden or not? Any spider-y thoughts?
  8. 3 hours and a bath. That was tiring! Time for a beer now I think
  9. Finishing up this coffee and then out for a day of weeding, taking up some wilting flowers and replacing/rearrangin with a few new ones I bought yesterday. Gambarimasu!
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