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  1. Same here. No pount either. Like Bags said, not going to change how much I buy. Unless it changes drastically of course.
  2. Sounds like you might actually have to work though!
  3. I actually watched The Dark Knight Rising today. Found it rather long and outstaying it's welcome. I liked the bits where Anne Hathaway was in the rubber suit though and we could see her bottom.
  4. I will double down to contribute pics and reviews this season, promise! Feel I owe you guys.
  5. I'm waiting for the rather elegant looking Grovemade walnut and leather one Will go with my furniture.
  6. It's weird, as soon as I "move on" a spider or two, next time I look there's another.
  7. I like all the frogs jumping around our garden, but less keen on spiders and the webs they make. They seem to like one tree in particular. I was wondering.... are they a good thing for a garden or not? Any spider-y thoughts?
  8. 3 hours and a bath. That was tiring! Time for a beer now I think
  9. Finishing up this coffee and then out for a day of weeding, taking up some wilting flowers and replacing/rearrangin with a few new ones I bought yesterday. Gambarimasu!
  10. Weeds do seem to be slowing down a bit. Still appearing just not quite as crazy fast. Or maybe I'm imagining it.
  11. How are you finding the 400cc, stemik? As in, wish you had more power? Kind of interested in getting a bike myself next year.
  12. Talking of Burger King, I like them from time to time. had a whopper today
  13. I'm going to go to Yuzawa much more this next season, get to know it better. Will try out Kandatsu too.
  14. How long snow tyres typically last for? For those living in snow country... and those not.
  15. That is pretty wild isn't it. What do we need to learn from this... perhaps to not just stick on something forever and go in and ask what can be done. Why did you get the "present"?
  16. Last night they were talking about Womanomics on the news. Is that like a subset of Abenomics?
  17. These weeds are mad. Once a week required, and they still start popping up the day after. When will they give up?!
  18. Scarier than the worm-like weed bits was the snake that I saw in the garden yesterday evening! Tons of frogs jumping about which is cool.
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