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  1. https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-daily-snow-weather-reports/Hakuba-Now/08th-April-2020 I was wondering if/when that might happen. Perhaps others will follow. Were many people visiting anyway? Such a troubled world at the moment. Take care everyone.
  2. Was hoping the late start was just that but it has been such a disappointment of a season hasn't it. (In general, had one good day at Kagura myself). With low snow, can't see resorts lasting the distance this year. We can only hope it is a one off and not the sign of things to come. It seems such a departure from the norm, not just a bit, that I believe the one off thing!
  3. I'm impressed with the consistency of snow up there in Niseko. Or is it Nisoko? ;) March has in the past delivered some 'March Madness'. There doesn't seem much cause optimism for it this time though.
  4. Same here. No pount either. Like Bags said, not going to change how much I buy. Unless it changes drastically of course.
  5. DumbStick

    Ippy's Thailand

    Sounds like you might actually have to work though!
  6. DumbStick

    Good movies you've seen recently

    I actually watched The Dark Knight Rising today. Found it rather long and outstaying it's welcome. I liked the bits where Anne Hathaway was in the rubber suit though and we could see her bottom.
  7. I will double down to contribute pics and reviews this season, promise! Feel I owe you guys.
  8. I'm waiting for the rather elegant looking Grovemade walnut and leather one Will go with my furniture.
  9. DumbStick


    I like all the frogs jumping around our garden, but less keen on spiders and the webs they make. They seem to like one tree in particular. I was wondering.... are they a good thing for a garden or not? Any spider-y thoughts?
  10. DumbStick


    It's weird, as soon as I "move on" a spider or two, next time I look there's another.
  11. It's like magic watching flowers grow from day to day. I had never appreciated that before. But my oh my, how fast do weeds appear! I have been busy this week so no picking but in 5 days our place has been invaded by weeds. Can't quite believe how fast they appear. It's going to look a weedy green mess when we get back from 2.5 weeks away!! All very interesting and lots of it fun.
  12. DumbStick

    Important news of the day thread

    That's not attractive is it.
  13. DumbStick

    Beer 2014

    ...or free.
  14. DumbStick

    Weeds. Oh, and flowers

    3 hours and a bath. That was tiring! Time for a beer now I think
  15. DumbStick

    Morning Greetings!

    Decent start to the day
  16. DumbStick

    Weeds. Oh, and flowers

    Finishing up this coffee and then out for a day of weeding, taking up some wilting flowers and replacing/rearrangin with a few new ones I bought yesterday. Gambarimasu!
  17. DumbStick

    Daily bath

    One of the revelations of our new house, not that we're totally used to it, for me anyway.... is the bath. We got a really nice one, with those aqua jets which are fun, but I'm totally digging the daily bath. The whole process, 'ordering' the bath, being told it's ready, getting in it (nice and big).... Today the lady put in a 'hinoki' バスのロマン and it felt great. I smell good too now post bath. I do have a question though. Which is cheaper: - new water every day or - reheating yesterday's water. I would guess the latter, but thought even if just because of reusing the water, but thought I'd check.
  18. DumbStick

    Weeds. Oh, and flowers

    Weeds do seem to be slowing down a bit. Still appearing just not quite as crazy fast. Or maybe I'm imagining it.
  19. DumbStick

    Beer 2014

    I tried some of that. Awful stuff.
  20. How are you finding the 400cc, stemik? As in, wish you had more power? Kind of interested in getting a bike myself next year.
  21. DumbStick

    Cho-yummy things

    Talking of Burger King, I like them from time to time. had a whopper today
  22. I'm going to go to Yuzawa much more this next season, get to know it better. Will try out Kandatsu too.


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