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    Japan's new trade minister has been forced to defend himself after it emerged that staff from his support group spent office money at a sex club. Yoichi Miyazawa admitted staff had claimed expenses after visiting a sadomasochistic bar in Hiroshima, but emphasised he did not visit the bar. His admission comes at a difficult time for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
  2. 2pints-mate

    Cho-yummy things

    He grows them, if I remember.
  3. 2pints-mate


    I wish I didn't get drunk so easily. Stange, when I was a student I wanted to speed that up.
  4. 2pints-mate

    Cho-yummy things

    This might be a bit half, I might be getting old but.... Baileys Irish Creme. Or is it Cream. Love it
  5. 2pints-mate


    I'm too sweaty for watches
  6. 2pints-mate

    Beer 2014

    Did you get that beer yet, Bag?
  7. 2pints-mate

    26-03-16 Independence Day?

    I've lost any interest in this, mostly due to the complete bullshit that both sides seem to spout out. How people up there in bonny Scotlandland will be able to make an informed and intelligent decision, I do not know. Unless it's just a deep rooted emotional decision of course.
  8. 2pints-mate

    Morning Greetings!

    He sent it up, the scoundrel!
  9. 2pints-mate

    The FOOTBALL Thread (2014-2015)

    England won! Don't know who they were playing.
  10. 2pints-mate

    Beer 2014

    muika, if what Tubby said is correct perhaps you should check the place closest to Mt Granview?
  11. 2pints-mate


    I'll let you know what I think when Apple tell me what to think.
  12. 2pints-mate

    The FOOTBALL Thread (2014-2015)

    It's what fax machines are made for.
  13. 2pints-mate

    Good TV

    it was the basis for the US version


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