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  1. Love you guys love all the work youve done. But hate this soooo much Thanks for the hard works and stuffs, but sad we gonna break up the family.
  2. I aint getting the snip dude. Well, not for a few more years at least. Never say never on gender reassignment. It might be a fun way to lead out the last twenty or thirty years of your life to be honest. Im doing it Pete Burns though. No sex, no drama, no desire to even attempt 'passable'. Im going big rubber lips, anime eyes, and a dirty scouse accent.
  3. Its very hard getting a job in korea. Its an extraordinarily image driven culture. And images come from the telly and magazines. Ipso facto... Well, ill leave you to do the math. But its amazingly lucky i got a job at all in this climate. Almost all jobs want the following magic three things: Female, recent graduate (mid 20s max), from USA/Canada The more you move out of that happy threesome the less chance you have. Ill add mroe later, but its home time
  4. As a fellow scotsman, can i just confirm the stereotype. When he said "decent hotel?" my first thought (and only thought) was "toyoko inn?"
  5. Akakura onsen: all the joys of sitting on a fun fair ride without any of the funfair. Or the ride. Enjoy the onsen... thats not there. Isnt it just a few crappy hotel baths? Sorry, the red mist descends at the mere mention of akakura onsen. Im hoping you of course just mean youre just staying there and not riding that crap hole. Of course you are! As i say, red mist! It gets in the way of logic Myoko = lovely. Akakura onsen = cute. Akakura onsen ski jo = **** that place.
  6. yongpyong pyeongchan high1 phoenix park Im on a 6 day a week schedule, so trips any further than that are... unlikely. Late season i might try and cash in 5 of my vacation days though giving me 7 or 8 days in Japan. Probably going hakuba way. I feel ive always just sort of never done enough hakuba.Entirely contingent on cashflow though. Hope to give some reviews of stuff up gangwon way before the olympics
  7. I had these wicked spy ones that fit snugly into any gloves, Im sure i bought them in korea, but cant find anything now except the bulkiest pieces of crap out there. I cant stop either, because i just know that the day i dont have them will be the day i need them. Its like the psychology of insurance.
  8. Less talking you say! Ummmm... lets see... I went snowboard shopping in Korea and bought: 1. An airblaster hoodie knocked down to 20,000 won (2000 yen) that cannot be worn in general everyday affairs since its made for a giraffe. 2. Three cheap 10,000 won t-shirts i hate but i need new tshirts. 3. A kitty airhole facemask that im pretty sure is for girls. But its kitties! 4. 3 new beanies. Well, 2 technically (one was a beanie i already have and abused so much its completely out of shape). Each cost 10,000 won Thats all the boring stuff. But filled three of the four big
  9. I cant understand how this thread died. Ive no idea how to genuinely bump it back up, but im hoping now that you layabouts have had over a year to come up with stuff, youve got some additions.
  10. No contest: China. Students are high level, smart, motivated and energetic. They respond to mad serious disciplined teaching without complaining of boredom (theyre very much used to grinding through lessons), but will absolutely bounce off the walls if you give them a fun game or activity. You get total respect as a teacher as well. You arent just the foreign dude babysitting them.
  11. These are probably the droids youre looking for. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibmyOF8Q4UQ
  12. I had honestly forgot how much i like Korea. Its such a cool place. Now bad news for Grungy Gonads. I saw a lot of 7s or 8s, but maybe not a single 9 or 10. Must be all the Japanese girls doing shopping bringing the average way down. To be honest though, ive also plummeted down the leaderboard. I reckon im hovering at a 2 or a 3. Best get back to the gym and stop eating my nacho cheese sauce with Lays (walkers) ready salted cri... ooops! too late! And the twix multipack! And the johnny walker double black i treat myself to at the airport. Basically im going to get fat as **** and the
  13. Its a bit nasty, aye. But its just a burn mark. Someone SOMEHOW left an iron on it.
  14. Ippy's Korea! Yay! Well, not entirely legal at the moment. Until the E2 gets put into my passport im technically on holiday. And my oh my, in case you ever had this question: At the airport, should i switch my money in Korea or China. Beijing 11pm Oct 30th: 5000CNY ----> 710,000KRW Incheon 5am Oct 31st: 5000CNY ----> 840,000KRW So glad to help clear that up. Dont change money in Beijing. Anyways, after an incredibly stressful day of will they/wont they pay me my final salary. at 6.30pm got the email telling me it was in my bank. Ran downstairs, checked and s
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