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  1. SKI

    Ski/snowboard rental gear experiences

    They're rather sturdy - especially ones from the 80s!
  2. I think disaster is a bit strong there. Maybe not full on modern these days, but... I hear Hanazono are going to be adding (replacing) a lift next year.
  3. SKI

    Ski/snowboard rental gear experiences

    I have seen more than a few old skis used to hold trees in position in the winter and that kind of thing. Nice and sturdy!
  4. Neither did I! As for the Ishiuchi one, the Nippon Cable story sounds very likely. The quad lift from Chuo was hardly a disaster so they didn't actually need a new lift in there.
  5. SKI

    Niseko on a budget is possible

    Yes car rental is a curious one. But it is good to hear that Niseko is still kind of possibly without large sums of money. I think it is definitely much more of a difficult task now than it was 10, 20 years ago.
  6. How busy? Very busy! I remember queuing 45+ minutes for one of the lifts at GALA. And that was even post peak boom period. They must have been raking it in back then!
  7. Niseko is definitely the closest to 'could be anywhere' but I would say that for the majority of all those ski hills out there in Japan there remains a lot of Japan flavour. Of course more than others. Go to the bigger names and you'll be there with more non-Japanese.
  8. SKI

    Is Kusatsu (Gunma) still open?

    I actually like going up there more in the summer than winter - the drive through to Shiga Kogen and then down to Karuizawa. Great area. Anyone know if they will they be dismantling the gondola?
  9. I would say - bring a smile and a friendly attitude and you'll be just fine. I remember when I first came to Japan and that's what I brought (or certainly tried to) and it was a fun adventure. There's more English around now than back then too.
  10. Good 'official' off-piste over there. And it gets Myoko-plus amounts of snow.
  11. SKI

    Steep in Hokkaido

    I think it's pretty safe to say that if steep is what you're after, Hokkaido really isn't the region you should be zoning in on.
  12. SKI

    Narita Express or Keisei Skyliner

    The normal Keisei is fine if you aren't in a rush. The skyliner one is very spacious and a nice train and quick. You're basically paying for the convenience with the Narita Express.
  13. Hi Keiko Shiga Kogen seems to be a magnet for school trips! I went to Switzerland a few seasons back and timed it well with conditions. Still, didn't come up to the best of Japan that I have experienced. Terrain very different though.
  14. SKI

    Gassan - worth a shufty?

    Never been to Hagurosan in winter, but spent a good few days there one summer. I really like Yamagata.
  15. SKI

    Close connections between ski-jo

    There’s some fun bubble stories isn’t there. Some are mad enough to be true.


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