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  1. kkk

    Autumn Colours 2014

    But wouldnt trees in Yamanashi be at their peak later than those in Hokkaido?
  2. kkk

    Trying to lose weight SUCKS

    Not doing well myself. I'll offput it until 'tomorrow'.
  3. kkk

    Good TV

    going through Game of thrones season 4 Not finding it as good as previous seasons
  4. kkk

    New Car

    Shipping charges annoy me most.
  5. Bit of a slap that isn't it. Wouldn't worry about them though, sounds like they got a well juicy deal from Apple and their record release.
  6. I have been researching a trip to Mt Granview (of course) and saw on googlemaps how that have it posted as Mt To Grand View Ski Area. Silly!
  7. I know some good online resources if you need, Chriselle.
  8. It certainly is when they give so much to new customers. Like a slap in the face.
  9. I see on au they have a "iphone buy back" thing. 19000 yen for a iphone 5 32K. So if I take my iphone 5 32k to swap for another one, I get 19000 yen worth of points?
  10. Confusing is is what they're trying to do isn't it. I feel the ideal thing is to sign up, spend 2 years with one company, then move over to another one etc. The cheapest way to do things They don't seem to offer as much (if much at all) for people who stick with them for a long time.
  11. Looks like a big grill. Will I be able to make cheese on toast or something?


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