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  1. oo

    Early season in Japan

    :( Worrying. Right now just enough for most places to get opened up would be a big deal, never mind deep. Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. oo

    Early season in Japan

    Hopefully there will be more news of snow soon than there has been!!
  3. oo

    GALA Yuzawa on a weekend

    I have been in the Southern Area on a weekend and it was pretty quiet. I think lots of people don't know much about it - or are put off by the challenge.
  4. What's the earliest in a season you have been to Kagura? If indeed you have been to Kagura early season. Im hoping to go before the middle of December. I saw on the news the other night that the next 3 months is forecast to be 暖冬 warm winter which is annoying to hear.......
  5. The Alps don't have the snow... I'm pretty sure resorts would love to have new lifts, they just cant afford them.
  6. oo

    SSAWS (Chiba)

    It just wasn't making enough money (pretty sure). I went once in mid summer. It sure felt great!
  7. Nozawa still 'feels like Japan', but I was surprised at just how many gaijin there were when I visited this year. It had been 7 years previous when I went. Big change. I really hope it doesn't change too much.
  8. oo


    Can't forget her 'dance' in True Lies
  9. oo

    Life In The Army

    I always thought 'Margerita Time' was even more classic Quo.
  10. oo

    Used Cars

    Just tell the dog to behave
  11. How much does a great g give your you can n terms of time?
  12. oo


    Does it not kill them?
  13. oo

    Beer 2014

    Good question!
  14. Stemik, do you think you'll go out over winter on clear and non icy days?


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