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  1. Can't forget her 'dance' in True Lies
  2. I always thought 'Margerita Time' was even more classic Quo.
  3. How much does a great g give your you can n terms of time?
  4. Stemik, do you think you'll go out over winter on clear and non icy days?
  5. Enjoying longer baths now it's getting cooler
  6. A company you do proofreading for bought you two iPads? Just why would they do that?
  7. My old laptop has some stuff on it I kind of need, but recently when I turn it on it...kind of goes mad. Things open on their own, multiple windows open. Mouse is super sensitive. It's just unusable. I didn't have any virus or anything on it right up until this happened. I just can't work out what is going on. Anyone any ideas how I might calm it down enough for me to just retrieve a few things I need on it....
  8. How did Nova recover from the scandal then?
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