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  1. More hanko'ing??? Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!
  2. All the hills around Sapporo under a blanket of white. Kurodake looking good for its opening day on the 14/15th (forgot if Friday or Saturday!)
  3. Still gotta wait until Wednesday for the police to finish filling out forms, then send them off to the car dealership, then wait to get a date to pick up the thing! Looooong!!
  4. Thanks again for all the info. Itching to get my hands on it and to take it out! Sure my dog will ruin the funky 2 tone seats soon enough though!!
  5. That's the one!! Will post pics when I get it. Didn't notice it was an x trail at all when we saw it at the lot. It also has an F1 style pop up steering wheel, should make putting on snowboard boots pretty easy in the drivers seat.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys! Still looking about for the best deal for us. It's a 2004 Nissan X trail Axis. Petrol. Automatic. In a slightly yakuza style....champagne gold! (Not my colour of choice!) Looking forward to picking it up in possibly 2 weeks time!!!!
  7. So, got a car!! Nissan X Trail. Now, which insurance to get and from which company? Any advice?
  8. ¥5,500 for day ticket + ¥500 for IC Card = ¥6,000. Then when u go home u get ¥500 back for the IC Card
  9. Meaning in the shovel and probe department, what do u carry? Only a mad man or woman would forget to load his/her pockets with cheese before venturing onto the mountains!!
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