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  1. TICesk here's my 2 cents. You are missing the point of coming to Japan. Put your park board away, buy a Fish or similar and come ride pow until it stops falling then ride park. It all about the pow son. If you are doing that go to Hakuba. Many more options and isn't tracked to death by 11am like Niseko except maybe Cortina. Check out this vid. It pretty much sums up the trip someone your age had last year, I don't know the guy but tell me this is less fun than park. http://vimeo.com/110312833
  2. Hey Seemore. Been doing my own thing mate, just lots of work in the NT on long rosters etc, burying friends, girlfriends coming and going and generally just living life. Nothing too exciting although a couple surf trips to PNG, Indo etc and some epic adventure style riding across Australia. Got back into hot rods and Harleys again which has been great and bringing one of my chops over to ride in spring. Booking into both AST1 and AST2 this season if that's what you meant mate and may finish off the second Master degree but really need some time off. Will pass on your regards to the guys, ever
  3. Thanks Tubby - will be based somewhere in Hakuba valley. It like second home in a way, maybe a more permanent one soon.
  4. Got my stoke going today. Finish work on Thursday and just bought my airline tickets and sorting out a house and a car for the season so heaps of day trips coming up. Got a new to me Prior splittie all set up and waiting. Going over early (Nov 27) to build some fitness and learn how to use skins etc and also do my avie training (AST1 and AST2).
  5. Will be doing a lot of riding across Honshu this season - moving over in November for the season, maybe longer . Hope all is well TB and SnowJunky.
  6. So refreshing to read how prepared you are going to be and that you know that you still have much to learn. Makes it very obvious you aren't like so many of the young Aussies who having ridden out a gate or 2 at Niseko and done a season at threadbo think they are Jeremy Jones when really they have no gear and no idea. Will be great to follow along with your trip next season.
  7. Thanks Tubby, just bought a jacket of Backcountry and those guys will be receiving and shipping it. These guys were REALLY expenisve - maybe use someone else.
  8. Do you all have beacons, shovels,probes and packs for BC? Do any of you have formal avie training?
  9. When I was looking at land in Hakuba a couple years back I found a cracking block. Asked the agent the price, was told what it was and that was firm and I agreed to pay it. Then right at the end of the process when the contracts were about to be signed out of the blue the price increased by 25% if I recall correctly so I told them to jamn it. It appears there's lots of different practices that can happen in Japan but not in Australia like agents buying places and flipping them with a fat margain without any disclosure etc. None of the agents I've dealt with and am currently dealing with seem t
  10. Gee fellas - scary stuff. So VERY happy you are both alive and well.
  11. I love Hakuba but 2 weeks there is a LONG time if you arent fully into riding every day. You can do day trips but that excludes experiencing the other places at night which is often when they are at their prettiest and you lose a LOT of time in travel tripping daily. Perhaps consider the following If you are going for 14 days and you are worried about your body holding up. I'd be going to Hakuba for 4-5 days incl a bus trip to see the Monkeys etc then send ski equip by Black Cat to Nozawa and and the head down to Tokyo for a couple days, you could even consider going to Kyoto and Hiroshima (4
  12. And if you snap your bindings up in that area and ask really nicely for help the Prince Hotels will drop you back to your digs for free.
  13. Thanks - Bond reference was to the 007 movie with the ropeway - the Shiga one reminded me of it. The egg gondy was great compared to that single chair there where you have to carry your board in your lap
  14. Saw one the other day when house hunting. Looked good and no flume which is a bonus. Was told it was really effective.
  15. I just want to know how good Ippy and everyone else got it today. If im stuck at work I'd sure like to know someone was getting good turns.
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