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  1. That last video was nice. That was my grey Voxy two cars from yours. That was definitely a sick day on the hill
  2. Well, after a long flight from the desert we call California, my girl and I have arrived in this beautiful place. And what a welcome! Got to the rental place and picked up a nice little 8 seater Voxy. After a quick lesson in how to use the navigation we were on our way to Rusutsu. Soon after the navigation wants to put us on the "expressway". This wasnt the direction I got from the finder on this site (thank you very much David). So with a quick cross reference on my now handy "old school" paper map, we were off on our own. Had my girl navigate while I concerned myself with the particul
  3. How about the toll roads? Between these resorts, are the tolls high? Is it MUCH more difficult to take non toll routes? I will have a map and English GPS but with weather consideration's I'm not looking for extra problems.
  4. Hey guys, Well two weeks until I get there and I can't wait. Especially since we are having the driest year on record over here in California I'm trying to put together a rough idea of my budget over there as I will be relying mostly on cash. I have an international credit card also just in case. I'll be in Japan for two weeks staying in Rusutsu,Niseko,Tomamu, and Sapporo. My accomodations are all paid for and I know the lift ticket prices. I'd like to know (on average) How much you guys are spending on things like gas, toll roads,food. I'm getting a lot of info off websites how
  5. Hey, I like the little man in the ATM. And I can speak Spanish so we'll get along just fine
  6. Good to know. Are ATMs in abundance? I figure that might be the case in Niseko but I don't know about the other places I will be staying.
  7. Mmmm ! Now you are speakin my language. Is this un town or can I just drive over to the coast for some local seafood?
  8. Wow ! I thought you were kidding about the ice swimming until I looked it up. The cruise looks kinda cool. I'm really looking forward to some of the really good seafood from Hokkaido. Even my Japanese friends tell me Hokkaido is the place to go for sea food.
  9. Hey WV, You never know. I'm up for an adventure and to try new things. Thanks for the replys guys. Keep them coming.
  10. Hey guys, Been lurking around here gathering lots of info and I'll be coming to Hokkaido Jan 12-27. (first time to Japan) Initially there will be 6 of us and we will be staying in Rusutsu and Niseko. Afterwards My girlfriend and I will be headed to Tommamu and finishing up in Sapporo. We have rented a vehicle and will be driving. I was wondering where most of you who fly in exchange your currency for yen? Obviously there is the airport but I was wondering if there is anywhere that has a better rate without being too hard to find. I would also appreciate it if anyone has their favo
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