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  1. Tokyo 5th Feb 2 nights. 1 night in Nagano Ryoken. 5 nights Myoko followed by 5 nights in Nozawa, followed by 5 nights in Tokyo. Followed by 6 months of planning the next trip. Ist trip last season, planned my trip using SJ... this trip taking my cousin and his wife.. cant wait.
  2. Going to myoko in Feb.Seems like a nice small village, suits all levels, Plenty of places to stay. Stayed In Goryu Jan this year. Our first time and simple to get around,.
  3. Thats the clearest info I have seen, thanks. Shame the lodge didnt share the same, I think they where keen to keep our money in their local area. Is the information centre in Hakuba town?
  4. Not sure people expect free service, I just think It could be explained a little better by the people booking tourists to the area.
  5. When I was planning our trip and deciding on which area to stay the shuttle buses where a big selling point for the different Hakuba ski areas from the Goryu lodges. They where great to pick us up from outside the Goryu lodge to take us to Escal plaza (Goryu ski area) in the morning and bring us home in the afternoon when we where skiing. They were not keen to shuttle us from say Escal plaza Goryu to Hakuba central on our rest day, I now understand why, Escal plaza bus doesnt want to take 2 aussies to another ski resort for a day trip. Im sure if we where there early we could have caug
  6. I think I have my answer..keep cycling, get a lesson and get up early for first runs. Put the skis away after lunch,onsen,beers. As the runs got chopped up during the day I struggled with fatigue in the quads. . At this point my knees are fine thanks to the bike.
  7. Think I will stick to the skis, I wonder if a wider waist, (not mine its wide enough) will make it easier on the runs when the snows been chopped up i used 72w thinking of hiring 80ish next time? Any thoughts?? My older legs struggled later in the day, first runs on the groomed was not a problem.
  8. I agree, the snow shoes we bought in a store in Hakuba $35 au, where snow purpose boots and we used them the whole time when not in ski boots, just wouldnt get lace ups if I had my time again. Another tip, buy a return bus ticket from Nagano to Hakuba, cheaper than one way only. Purchased from the small shop on the ground level under the stairs near where the bus leaves from. Also saves sorting out payment with the bus driver with the crowd waiting behind you.
  9. Regarding eating out, all eating places where pretty relaxed, have english menues and a lot have photos of the food to make your choices. We never experienced any negative issues, all are happy to have your eating at their place..and at great prices. Kids will be very welcome. Your lodge can make bookings for you they know the best places, and can organise it. We just walked in but there was only 2 of us, with the family probably good idea to book. Starts getting dark around 4, so you might be eating out earlier than normal. Hers another tip.. if your buying snow boots, get ones with zips in
  10. Oh that is wonderful news. I was really getting worried. Kinda stupid that agoda or booking.com would say they don't have rooms. They could have just said "rooms can only be reserved _ months in advance". But anyway, thanks again! just for reference the booking companies dont set the details for room rates and availability. thats up to the hotels ect.
  11. Thats because they dont have the 2015 prices out yet,im guessing. they will tell you that there are no rooms available for your selected dates... sound familiar? Dont panic .Listen to what tubby said. I booked my accom, last year in July, and I was" very early" as my host mentioned, but I like to be organised. Hakuba is easy to get to, lots of english signs and english spoken. Nagano is great to check out and the bullet train is great.
  12. Pick any ski resort, have fun in the snow all day, get a private onsen/hot bath bottle of champagne....pop the question(NAKED) then go out for dinner.. It wont be the town that makes it romantic it will be the situation with the 2 of you? Just a thought!
  13. I think over the usual xmas new year period, as in Australia, Just another tip , if you want more info start up your own Topic./ thread, you will get lots of advise and help.
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