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  1. Just drive into a full service petrol station and let them at it!
  2. I refuse to bite onto the childish bait you are throwing around. You clearly dont like me and thats just fine, move along please. All I ever see from you is silly banter and passive aggressive attacks on people on a forum on the internet. Way to go man! Awesome life! I get out there and live my life to the fullest, I meet people face to face from this forum and others and form friendships that actually mean something. Have a crack at me all you want mate but I will always be the guy out there living life and you will always be the guy trying to hassle peeps on the internet. Good day p
  3. Meh. You are the one that dragged the thread up, think ill just leave it. Please carry on with your life.
  4. In other news the gozaimaas experience will look very different come next season.
  5. Haha even in the spirit of japanese cheesiness surely trying to convince people that 48 girls can sing in unison and not sound like a choir is impossible.
  6. Thats very true mate. January 2014 would have been the perfect time to sort out all the bugs
  7. Trying to start a new operation through the winter isnt such a good idea, there are always teething problems and the snow would just make it worse.
  8. Honshu has some better terrain but the powder is less consistent compared to hokkaido
  9. LAVA YUZAWA. With roots tracing back all the way to when the entire earth was a giant pit of molten rock, Lava Yuzawa is the premier lava town in Japan.
  10. Yes I hate drugs. Im off for my morning coffee now.
  11. In that case I would call it a food town cause food was around before onsen and ryokan
  12. Im happy to say I have no idea who these peeps are lol
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