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  1. The thing I like most about insurance companies is the way they take lots of cash off you every month, and then if you ever need to legitimately claim from them they'll fight you tooth and nail to minimize what they pay out to you. Or indeed even try to not pay anything at all.
  2. A good target though even if you don't end up doing it. I find I need a real clear goal to get myself going with stuff like this.
  3. Hmmm well not keen myself. I prefer the lager.
  4. He seems to be well up for a fight doesn't he.
  5. TV guide book I have says that there will be 5 games (mostly live) per week from the PL on the Sky Sports channels here.
  6. Does these peeps stink in colder weather too, or is it a mainly summer thing?
  7. How much did this kind of thing cost?
  8. I imagine there's not many people in the world who could do that, regardless of money!
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