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  1. A few places I know have been offering free refunds, and extending them gradually. There's going to be a point where they can't extend any more and it's winter. Feel for everyone involved. Personally I'll be enjoying it, as I'm effectively 'stuck' in Japan (not complaining!)
  2. Been reading through it the last few weeks. So many I had never heard of. Agreed about the Iiyama stuff! Very interesting indeed and an excellent fine job you've done with it. Looking forward to each update.
  3. They are not really a 2 in one day setup. As you say it's 30 minutes or so by road from one to the other. It's more just a business\marketing relationship I think, they are owned by the same company. They have a joint season ticket too if you like both of them.
  4. I'd love to have something like the Suzuki 650 or Kawasaki and get on them there mountain roads.
  5. Can someone tell me what 'stereotype' is in Japanese?
  6. IIIII

    Good TV

    Enjoyed that. Good to see Harry and Paul still making stuff.
  7. IIIII

    Beer 2014

    Out a bit early then? How is it?
  8. IIIII

    Make Me Laugh...Please..!

    I like mine firm and fruity!
  9. IIIII

    Morning Greetings!

    Autumn would be good.
  10. IIIII

    Inheritance tax

    Someone find out for sure!!!!!
  11. IIIII


    Never thought about it properly


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