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  1. Obviously going for a cool move there. I like cat clips, it's what YouTube is for
  2. I wondered that too. With any phone not one in particular
  3. Rather than reward you for being a long term customer, they ask you to take your pants down and bend over for a good shafting. The other companies don't seem to provide much incentive to join up either. It is all very curious.
  4. If you make an order of just 3500 yen, makes you wonder why they bother can't be making much off that.
  5. Whats the difference between this and the normal Ebisu beer? Anyone able to explain?
  6. do they still do Double Deckers? used to love those
  7. A VERY rubbish Duel-a-like. Really, don't waste time!
  8. Apparently, he had serious financial worries. Quite how that happens, I don't know....
  9. Sticky rich banana toffee chocolate cake
  10. Hoping for some decent releases over the next few months
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