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  1. I have used a UK one before - not for skis, something less heavy. It worked well, but it was very expensive. They wouldn't do a cheaper version that took longer because they requested the insurance part.
  2. I'd like to be wrong. But I can't see Japan being in a mad rush to open up quickly. Low testing aside, Japan seems to have come out this with relatively low numbers of cases etc. Surely when travel starts up again, it's going to be a somewhat slow and gradual process. The other night on NHK there was a documentary about coronavirus and part of it had Mr Hoshino (the Hoshino of Hoshino Resorts Tomamu) talking about the situation. He seemed to be saying that they are going to concentrate on locals first, then wider Japan and last of all the overseas market. His opinion was the overseas stuff talking of 1-2 years before getting back (to 'normal'?).
  3. It's not my bag and so not specific but can't think of anywhere as good as Tsugaike in that respect. I would also suggest that a place that isn't mad busy is also a good place to consider, not just bunny slopes.
  4. r45

    Clearer skies in Niseko

    Check out the Niseko Now reports on this site: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-daily-snow-weather-reports/Niseko-Now Lots of reading but tons of good info and it will give you a good idea of what to expect. You can spend a week in Niseko and not see the sun. Lots of that time it is puking goodness over the mountains. Or you could get a clearer spell. But if clearer weather is important for you, I would perhaps suggest a different area.
  5. Really want to check out Hakkoda. But my best two days in terms of snow conditions are Furano (not huge amounts but top quality) and Moiwa in Niseko.
  6. Both worth a visit and hassle free to get to in a rental car within an hour.
  7. r45

    Niseko - what is the appeal?

    The snow The facilities The mountain The nightlife, etc Not for everyone, but you can’t complain of lack of facilities.
  8. r45

    What's the best time to visit Japan to ski?

    I would usually include the second half of feb, but this season has been very shakey. I would expect it will be more difficult to sell that period for next season.
  9. r45

    Day trips from Furano - places within reach?

    To the south, Tomamu and Sahoro are both definitely do-able, about 60-70km from Furano.
  10. Hi Mel X It's about 50km from Niseko to Kiroro, and usually you should think around 1 hour (unless poor conditions of course).
  11. r45

    Trying to lose weight SUCKS

    Obviously going for a cool move there. I like cat clips, it's what YouTube is for
  12. I wondered that too. With any phone not one in particular
  13. Rather than reward you for being a long term customer, they ask you to take your pants down and bend over for a good shafting. The other companies don't seem to provide much incentive to join up either. It is all very curious.
  14. If you make an order of just 3500 yen, makes you wonder why they bother can't be making much off that.


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