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  1. Yep, not a bad deal. Seiyu seem to be branching out and using their international supply chain to bring in new products from around the world. Although, it's a shame that the are selling the 330ml bottle of Spitfire and not the 500ml from earlier on this year.
  2. Nabe season is here again. Nabe nabe nabe!!!
  3. Went out and got the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge t'other day. It's too smart for my liking but good fun to use. Forgot to back up my contacts on my old phone so need to work out how to transfer them over.
  4. No restrictions for me this year, so I'm in it.
  5. There's some at my local Seiyu and they wind me up no ****ing end. I mean, the store uses some special labels for discounted goods, so you have to call some people over to put through the various discounted goods through.
  6. Yep, had a couple on Monday and last night. It's good but seems flatter than last year's brew. Need to source out a couple. And remember people, only Kirin make the official Akiaji.
  7. Went over to Elephant Kingdom near Ichihara. Could have gone round, and wish we had done. 4 hours to get there, yet on the way back 65 mins door to door. Was down in Shuzenji on Tuesday and was amazed how clear the roads were considering.
  8. Bloody hate the Aqua-line. Queues to get on it. Queues on it until the Umi-hotaru. Queue getting out of Umi-hotaru. Queues at the ETC booth as people **** up. Grr. But saves time. Which is nice
  9. Went to Baird Beer in Shuzenji for some work and interview with some of the staff there yesterday. Great place and well worth a visit. Especially for views like this:
  10. Went up to Campion Ale last week in Asakusa. A good little place there if you're in the area.
  11. Not really, on permanent medication but he's getting there.
  12. Nope, you do not need one. When you get to Narita or Haneda, they will give you a visa stamp that gives you a one year reentry limit. That's all you need regardless of your residence card, as some people are still on the old style ones.
  13. I came very close to purchasing this board: But at $450 and shipping on top, it would be more like $700 and then some...
  14. Good question. I enjoy my job and don't want to stop working as it keeps my mind active. What I'd really love is a nice work-family life balance more than anything. If I had to choose though, not too young. My dad retired through ill health at the age of 42, which is about 9 years on from now. Personally I think that was too young, but he is much happier now. I guess mid fifties really once I have achieved everything I want to do in my work life and happy. Luckily, if I stay in my job for another 15 years then I will get a good retirement package.
  15. My wife is my metal detector. She is always able to find my keys and money without me even realising where I left them. Moreover, she can also find the empty beer cans I have been drinking from, no matter how much I hide them.
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