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  1. That black Burger King was actually nicer than I thought it would be!
  2. There was some more of that on yesterday, and I noticed a new program advertised that seems to be a "let's appreciate the good things about Japan" kind of thing.
  3. Neither did I. I was only watching Jurassic Park the night before as well.
  4. Isn't the famed story more like "tons of rain in summer = less snow in winter"?
  5. Do you have some kind of settings, Tubby? Or a place where you can put whitelist mails? Any info would be good. Both me and her are not very good at this kind of thing!
  6. Thanks. The mail address is definitely right. Seems to be some kind of setting that au (?) has to block mails from a pc or something?
  7. This is odd. A friend has an email address on their mobile ending @ezweb.ne.jp. They can send me mail to my googlemail address, but when I try to reply, it always gets bounced back to me as undelivered. Message "user unknown". Is it me or her that needs to mess around with settings, and if anyone knows what to do please do tell! Thanks.
  8. I didn't know they had an English page! But actually I like reading the Japanese one. Good practice.
  9. The cat obviously has nothing to do with TEPCO. But for me people who are super cruel to animals....well, I dislike them a lot.
  10. I always find it interesting how some people carry on until they are so old. The guy next to us was working - not a job he loved, very manual - until he was 72. He died 6 months later. That's hardly a way to go is it. I don't think they were desperate for money either. Just seems odd to me.
  11. I still enjoy a good soak in the bath. A few degrees down from in winter, but I love the soaking feeling. Showers are the quick and convenient thing.
  12. Well we are nearly into July so suppose we can only expect hot and humid now.
  13. Those paw socks! Kawaii. I hope he is doing ok. I suppose the most important thing is him not being in pain or being a depressed doggy because of this. Well, one of the most important things.
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