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  1. mpowell9

    Ski rentals, Fukushima, Akita, Iwate.

    Hi Muikabochi, That should be 1800JPY per day, not 18,000JPY, my mistake - this is what I pay for late model rental ski's in Hokkaido - approximately half price compared to late model rental skis here on NZ.
  2. mpowell9

    Ski rentals, Fukushima, Akita, Iwate.

    Hi Muikabochi, Yes buying skis may be a little cheaper but is more hassle to travel with. If I buy, I have the costs of the skis, costs of flying the skis around and then the hassle at the airports, Tokyo Station, on and off trains etc. It is so much easier to fly in, pick up the rental car and then grab a pair of skis. Plus there is the benefit of having skis that are relatively new and I can change models every now and then for something different. Im paying around 18,000JPY a day in Hokkaido. Ive traveled to Japan with my own skis before but renting is money well spent I reckon. So I know there are rental shops in Hakuba and Myoko but Im wanting to train to Fukushima and then get the car there rather than go west and then up north - surely there must be plenty of rental shops for a 3 week rental up north?
  3. mpowell9

    Ski rentals, Fukushima, Akita, Iwate.

    Ok, Im looking for some powder skis to rent, I'll be travelling around north Honshu by car.
  4. Thanks for that snowjunky and tubby. Yep just loving the pow but treating the place with respect Think I will leave the monkeys and Shigakogen nightlife to pie-eater.
  5. Yoketeyama at 2300m must have choice snow plus with some black runs up there as well should be worth the trip. Hell I was getting my jollies doing lift lines on Hakuba yesterday in wet snow
  6. Thanks for the comments. I had read that report a while back after Shigakogen, Nozawaonsen and Hakuba had been recommended to me as must sees on a first trip to Japan. I've got a week here with an awesome looking weather forecast ahead plus I ski, opening up the whole area. I'm trying to get a handle on skiing powder and find that a bit of vert seems to help. Must be something out there to keep me going.
  7. What? 21 ski resorts, 71 lifts, promoted as the largest ski area in Japan and no steeps/tree runs?
  8. Hi, Ive arrived at Shigakogen and have been told that the terrain isnt very steep. Any ideas where there is some challenging terrain. Thanks.
  9. Thanks MIJ, Will I get to Nozawa before my skis? If so, I may as well take them with me unless its too much hassle on the trains
  10. Merry Xmas all, My first trip to Japan starts early February and I will spend a week at Nozawa then Hakuba then Shiga Kogen. Im an advanced skier in NZ conditions and prefer the steeps and off piste. Had a taste of powder this winter in NZ and have decided to check out Japan with a pair of fats, the main objective being to master powder. Got a few questions: 1. I arrive Narita late Sunday afternoon, guessing I should catch a train to Tokyo Station and find a bed their after 14 hours travel. Early start the next day and catch the bullet train to Nozawa and maybe get an afternoon in - will it be a problem if I leave my luggage with a courier and catch the train into Tokyo then onto Nozawa with skis? 2. Where are the best off piste/tree runs in the resorts near where I will be staying? Will be skiing alone so will be safety conscious - I guess that when its dumping or dumps overnight the groomers/side of the trails will be a good start but where do I go when its all tracked out? Ive been reading the recent thread about rope ducking and I reckon unless Im with someone with local knowledge best avoid this. 3. If I go with a backcountry guide, when is the best time to sign up - tail end/next day after a significant snow fall? 4. Any clues if it is best to change money in NZ or Japan? Thanks. PS Im getting amped keeping up with the big regular snowfalls reported on SJ.


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