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  1. BagOfCrisps

    Thinking about Hyogo...

    As someone travelling a long distance to visit Japan, I'm going to stick to the northern half of the country. That's when it's just for the snow. There are places I'd like to see outside of winter over in that area. But damn, it's so far....
  2. BagOfCrisps

    Clearer skies in Niseko

    I remember reading the reports was it last season or the season before when they had a mid season run of clear weather and not much snow falling. Everyone was worried! A good balance is best. Especially if the snow falls overnight!
  3. Single lifts are kind of a fun experience. But just the one time!
  4. 3 parallel chair lifts. I wonder, was that actually planned. Or just 'we need a bigger boat' kind of situation so they added another? (Presumably the latter?)
  5. Oh lots to choose from but it must be between a particularly excellently timed day at Hakuba 47/Goryu and Nozawa.
  6. BagOfCrisps

    Is Nagano city a good place to stay...

    I highly recommend staying close to the snow and just visiting Nagano for a day.
  7. BagOfCrisps

    The 'it doesn't feel like Japan' scale!

    There are noticeably more foreigners in Hakuba and Nozawa in the last few years compared with when we started going to Japan. It still feels like Japan though! But there are places you can go and still feel like the only foreigner. Like Charmant Hiuchi, Togakushi that we experienced. Enjoyed them actually.
  8. BagOfCrisps

    The ski areas to the south of Mt Bandai

    What's the snow quality like there, generally? I know, difficult question etc....
  9. BagOfCrisps

    What's the best time to visit Japan to ski?

    We are planning on 2nd + 3rd week of January next year. Hopefully perfect timing!
  10. BagOfCrisps

    Hakuba Goryu or Hakuba 47?

    I'm with nagpants. When we have been we always start off at Hakuba 47. Don't really go down much to the Toomi base area of Hakuba Goryu at all; mostly staying up top or on the Hakuba 47 side.
  11. BagOfCrisps

    What's the best time to visit Japan to ski?

    The middle of January is my pick.
  12. Are you sure that's not Shi Omiya station, Peetan?
  13. BagOfCrisps

    Important news of the day thread

    A naturalist who created a snake-proof suit will allow himself to be swallowed alive by an anaconda for an upcoming television special. In Eaten Alive, filmmaker Paul Rosolie intends to don the bulky suit and then willingly feed himself the Amazonian serpent, the largest of which can measure 30 feet long. The Discovery Channel special, which won't air until December 7, has already drawn the ire of animal lovers who call the stunt an act of 'animal abuse to the highest degree.' Not surprising, 26-year-old Rosolie disagrees. 'If u know me - I would never hurt a living thing,' Rosolie tweeted. But you'll have to watch to find out how it goes down!' Rosolie, who's been dubbed the 'Indiana Jones of the Amazon,' specializes in the Amazon and his website bio says his experience also covers 'locations in India, Indonesia, Brazil and Peru.' Experienced or not, some have called for Discovery to cancel Rosolie's show altogether.
  14. Me too. Just pay it, I think I'd rather not know. Knowing won't make me buy more/less.


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