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  1. THANK YOU New stuff, tanoshi-mi! (Lift tickets too hopefully!)
  2. 634-maru

    Good movies you've seen recently

    If I lived in Haddonfield, I'd get out of there over the Halloween period, that's for sure.
  3. 634-maru

    Used Cars

  4. Beautiful shots as always. It was a cracker of a day today.
  5. 634-maru

    Morning Greetings!

    A very fine morning after lots of rain and cold-ish-ness.
  6. 634-maru


    What were those 3 arrows anyway?
  7. 634-maru

    Good TV

    The Apprentice UK has started up again. Cringeworthy fun.
  8. I had a brief Roppongi half night out last year. It kind of felt more intimidating than I remember it being.
  9. 634-maru

    Morning Greetings!

    So wet yesterday.
  10. 634-maru

    New Car

    Go on, describe it!
  11. 634-maru

    Morning Greetings!

    Yes it was a fine weekend. Next weekend too please.
  12. 634-maru

    Important news of the day thread

    Not sure that "and can lead to impotence" is particularly good thing!


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