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  1. If I lived in Haddonfield, I'd get out of there over the Halloween period, that's for sure.
  2. A very fine morning after lots of rain and cold-ish-ness.
  3. The Apprentice UK has started up again. Cringeworthy fun.
  4. I had a brief Roppongi half night out last year. It kind of felt more intimidating than I remember it being.
  5. Yes it was a fine weekend. Next weekend too please.
  6. Not sure that "and can lead to impotence" is particularly good thing!
  7. A family has been left “deeply traumatised” after one of the world’s most poisonous and aggressive spiders was set loose in their south London home following an online delivery from Waitrose. A lethal Brazilian wandering spider had been hiding in a bunch of bananas when it was delivered to the house, and was sitting on a sack of eggs containing thousands of babies. The father of the family, Tim, who did not give his surname, spotted the spider while unpacking the shopping and dropped the bananas into the fruit bowl in shock – inadvertently trapping the spider’s leg. The spider tore off its le
  8. Saw that. Felt like slapping that dude. Japanese people don't appreciate their towns looking nicer? I always cringe at some of the run-down awful buildings here. With such beautiful natural surroundings, it's such a shame.
  9. They are not nice. Actually I don't think they are all "beer", but happo-crap.
  10. Is that monkey sitting in a bucket (or other container) snowdude?
  11. I'm not sure I understand the benefit really of a "same ticket" for Naeba/Kagura. You can easily spend at least a day at both, and getting between them only wastes time. Just my thought on that! Might be missing some benefit.
  12. The recent Robocop. Prefer the original. Almost always ends up like that doesn't it.
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