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  1. Thanks folks, interesting stuff. I am looking forward to trying some out.
  2. ....or are they much the same? I suspect people who are mad into them might see all the differences, but for the person who is new to them. For example, would the onsen in Yuzawa be very different to the onsen in Nozawa? Or Zao Onsen? Thanks!
  3. Thanks folks. I have an onsen question but I think I'll make it a new thread.
  4. Well I am sure hoping for an epic snowfall year. Not decided where I'm going just yet.
  5. Hi Never been to Japan, but planning on a trip. Great to find this website, it's easily the best info. Been reading up on places and I like the idea of the Yuzawa area in Niigata Prefecture. Sounds like there's lots of ski hills around the town and just slightly further out as well. You could spend 2 weeks and go to a different place each day. Am I right? I know some of them are small, but that sounds decent to me. I actually prefer places that are more compact than spread out over huge areas, as long as the snow is good and there's a decent variation of terrain. Onsen s
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