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  1. With all our salaries going up as well though, we should all be able to cope with these increases no problem. Oh, hold on.....
  2. I was just looking. Online, the Shiga Kogen beer is just under 500 yen for one of the small bottles. Plus postage of course.
  3. That is good. I watched a George Clooney flick the other day. Can't remember the name. He was a senator who shagged an intern. Quite interesting.
  4. I wouldn't worry about the Japan games. In fact, you'll be wanting to escape coverage of those. Last time Skyperfect had all the games on live and repeated them. I seem to remember BS/NHK showing lots too and selected games on different channels.
  5. I used that Genie Timeline. Funny thing is, I have never had to restore. I have no idea if it actually works or not.
  6. Yikes. That's about 230p a can at todays rates!
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