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  1. I don't know much at all about renting cars and the costs for that. Though having a car gives you a lot of freedom. But regards to the train though, you'll want the Japan Rail Pass. This is what Wiki says about it:
  2. nagoid

    Myoko seasonal

    I'd so love to spend a long time in Myoko. As it is, it's day trips plus a bit more every so often. I love Myoko. There's more foreigners around than there used to be but it's still Myoko. I would imagine that prices are going up, but they're not Niseko-like. The ski resorts are like elsewhere, though you can take guides into the backcountry. Great thing about Myoko is that Madarao / Nozawa / Shiga Kogen are also within reach. And Nagano city too. I'm just jealous.
  3. nagoid


    All politicians are scumbags. There are no exceptions. It's just the way things are, and I don't mean that in a shikata ga nai kind of way!
  4. That one was fun. Also checked out The Thing as well recently with those brilliant effects. The walking head. Brilliant.
  5. nagoid

    World Cup

    Oh, that's all right then.
  6. nagoid

    Points To Ponder

    just looked up. Midges smaller and in cooler places. only some bite and don't carry human diseases, unlike mosquitoes.
  7. nagoid

    Points To Ponder

    Midges are really tiny this aren't they. Actually don't know the difference
  8. It deserves it's own thread. I wish I didn't love it as much as I do. Don't have posh tastes. Some of the things I love. Galaxy Toblerone Lindt truffles. The red ones.
  9. What size engine it got BM?


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