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  1. Hoping to hit Fantasy Island towards the end of next week. My longtime student and mate Ian has got a full-time gig at Kiroro running ski ops amongst other things. Nerys & I are doing branding and marketing for the resort, so I'll be living and spending most of my time there this winter. Road tripping to central Hokkaido in December with Nerys to check out Furano, Kamui, Sahoro, Tomamu, Asahidake and Mt Racey. And down to Hakkoda too hopefully. Can't wait
  2. Hatsu Yuki at village level in the Niseko Resort Area, Rusutsu and Kiroro
  3. Good call. Asari has a dedicated park which is also available at night.
  4. Very light dusting on Mt Annupuri, Niseko United yesterday
  5. Opening Day at Kiroro is Friday 21 November. Grand Hirafu is normally the same day or the following day. I've had plenty of powder days on Opening Day. On pistes which haven't been groomed, not in the trees. Too much sasa.
  6. Gym at J-Sekka and the Hilton at Niseko Village
  7. Yes. I put it through its paces with a typical season seeing me on skis for 100 days. Most of the outerwear lasts 1-2 seasons. Mid layers last 2-4 seasons. Base layers last 1-2 seasons. New gloves every season. Goggles last 1-2 seasons. Helmet is 4 seasons old but needs a change.
  8. Avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe are the only things that have lasted more than 4 seasons.
  9. Lose the personal insults because the 5 words bolded above have explained the situation better than any graph, table or stat. IMHO obviously
  10. Coldest August in the UK in over 20 years. However if Scotland leaves the Union tomorrow that figure will be revised. Dramatically
  11. Not always. Sometimes very different weather patterns, even though the resorts are relatively close by.
  12. Not sure about the merchant's fee, but you may want to reconsider buying the all-mountain passes. Better to see your groups ability levels and the weather conditions. In high winds the top lifts close meaning you can't access all areas. And during heavy snow the visibility is poor up high making travel between villages difficult and unpleasant. And if you wanted to visit some of the nearby resorts - Moiwa, Rusutsu, Kiroro - you wouldn't have already paid up for a days skiing.
  13. ha ha. no I'm like Rick Wakeman at the keyboard now.


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