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  1. The credit card I used gives me the spot rate and does not charge any fees. I used it extensively in the unted states nearly 2 years ago and I never incurred any fees. The bonus is always getting the spot rate as this is a normal way banks will earn an extra margin. How do I know? I unfortunately work for one.
  2. Thanks guys (or girls) for the advice. I still unsure on the merchant fees.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Half of us are intermediate and the other half are advanced. That said I didn't realise that on average we would miss some days due to bad weather. Apologies for my dumb question but if it is too windy at Niseko wouldn't Rusutsu be too windy as well? We have 17 full days (i.e. ignoring arrival and departure days) so its hard to guess what we can prepay.
  4. Hi I am new to this forum and over the past few days I really have enjoyed reading all your posts. This January I will be travelling to Niseko for the first time with a group of nine. (i.e. 2 families). We have never skied in Japan before but have skied in Australia and the US. We have booked the accomodation, ski hire and airline tickets. One area I am looking into is purchasing is our lift tickets in Niseko using our credit card. The travel group we have been using has offered to buy them but charges a merchant fee of 2.5%. Highway robbery in my view. I am buying 9 all mou
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