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  1. Yeah I checked the web cam for some of the resorts and it still looks ski able just now - but I think end of march it will start to get a little sketchy!
  2. Thanks for all the replies! Haha it was more to do with prefectures which have ski resorts, doing it with clothes on... For example I don’t think the resorts further south will have Resorts? I will have a look through the links above, many thanks again. Jamie :edit: Font Size
  3. Hi all, Having done a season in Niesko, I am thinking of coming back this coming season. However, I’d like to set myself a challenge to ski in all prefectures! If you could help me in this regards. I tried a number of searches to find a list of prefectures in which you can ski, but with no help! If I could ask: which prefectures DO NOT have ski terrain? Thanks, Jamie
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys. Bar/Drinking wins! Have a great season!
  5. Originally Posted By: Go Native No good gym in Niseko resort area currently. The Vale might have one, check out there website, I'm not sure. There's one out in Niseko town that's pretty good though and there's an ok one in Kutchan. Frankly why you'd want to work out when staying at a ski resort is really beyond me but I guess it takes all types... Thanks for the info. I usually am knackered after a day on the slopes, but keeping the upperbody toned is a different matter.
  6. Hi guys, Im off to Niseko in December as an instructor and would like to know if you guys know of a good gym within the Grand Hirafu region. Rather than fitness, weights, but both would be ideal. Thanks, Jamie.
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