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  1. Are you sure it's not written 山なし?
  2. Interesting stuff, would be good to see more. I hope not many people actually made it to Fujiten.
  3. She looks totally different on that photo. In real life, she reminds me a bit of that popular actress Haruka Ayase.
  4. Hold on a sec. If they are 'unreleased', how come you have them? Mate of the studio technician or something?
  5. Being a gaijin, that's a given anyway!
  6. Could murder a bacon sarnie right now.
  7. Hold on, is it a beer or a crapposhu?
  8. Deserted! They should install a "cold bath" next to the onsen for the hot months.
  9. I demand a Super Duper Cool Biz, where we can wear shorts and a t-shirt. And ladies must wear bikinis.
  10. Does Robocop still walk around like he's wearing ski boots?
  11. Do people actually put candles in and light them up?
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