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  1. @tokyo

    Best conditions in Japan?

    As mina2 said. Though if you mean the best in peak season rather than just for now, there's a whole lot more to say.
  2. @tokyo

    Narita Express or Keisei Skyliner

    Keisei is the better deal but ending up at Ueno isn't convenient for everyone. And that is probably why JR charge more for the Narita Express. I reckon that is probably the main reason.
  3. I don't know if it is just me not noticing any more, but in recent years there seems to be less of the 'by the side of the road' places than there use to be. Some of those were like relics from the 70s or something, though cheap along with it. If you plan on skiing a fair bit and don't plan on putting on too much weight in the next few years, it quickly makes sense to buy. It also encourages you to go out and use it more!
  4. @tokyo

    Minakami options

    I like Hodaigi. When I have been there the snow has been really great and not busy. Not made it to Okutone yet.
  5. @tokyo

    Kagura: Mitsumata or Tashiro?

    Ahh Kagura! One of my go-to places. Here's my thoughts on Mitsumata Ropeway vs Tashiro Ropeway as starting points for Kagura. Mitsumata is more popular/busy, mostly I expect because it is closer to Yuzawa and so more convenient. There's not much to Mitsumata itself, so most people make their way over to Kagura using the Gondola. Tashiro is further from Yuzawa town (and IC exit), but at the same time it is closer to Naeba. And I suppose some people might use Route 17 from Minakami to get there, though suspect most people just speed up to Yuzawa IC rather than use the windy road. Tashiro is a much wider area than Mitsumata and seems to be less busy. While I have always liked the snow up there when I go, the runs are generally a bit flat for my liking. I usually just get myself to the main Kagura area via Mitsumata.
  6. @tokyo


    Are you sure it's not written 山なし?
  7. Anxiously waiting to see where it will go
  8. Interesting stuff, would be good to see more. I hope not many people actually made it to Fujiten.
  9. She looks totally different on that photo. In real life, she reminds me a bit of that popular actress Haruka Ayase.
  10. Hold on a sec. If they are 'unreleased', how come you have them? Mate of the studio technician or something?
  11. @tokyo

    Beer 2014

    Being a gaijin, that's a given anyway!
  12. @tokyo

    Cho-yummy things

    Could murder a bacon sarnie right now.
  13. @tokyo

    Beer 2014

    Hold on, is it a beer or a crapposhu?
  14. @tokyo

    Daily bath

    Deserted! They should install a "cold bath" next to the onsen for the hot months.
  15. @tokyo

    Cool Biz 2014

    I demand a Super Duper Cool Biz, where we can wear shorts and a t-shirt. And ladies must wear bikinis.


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