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  1. Karnidge

    Good movies you've seen recently

    They're a bit like monkeys though aren't they. A lot, actually.
  2. Karnidge

    About import taxes

    Annoying but you can't do anything with the takyubin guy coz they're just bringing it, and it's nothing to do with them. They just won't give it you if you don't pay up.
  3. I think Yuzawa is great, especially when the snow is in top condition. So many places to choose from and close-by. And so close to Tokyo as well.
  4. At least he went doing what he loves, though obviously way too early.
  5. Karnidge

    Points To Ponder

    Everyone knows that.
  6. Karnidge

    Important news of the day thread

    I knew it remined me of something!
  7. Karnidge

    Beer 2014

    It would be better it if were a Limited Special Edition!
  8. Karnidge


    It seems obvious to me why it is headline news.
  9. Karnidge

    Morning Greetings!

    Perhaps there were 2 eyes?
  10. Karnidge

    Eruption in Nagano/Gifu!

    Where was God when you needed him?
  11. Karnidge

    Eruption in Nagano/Gifu!

    At least with a skijo you can ski/board down quick to escape. Maybe.
  12. To be fair though, that was an extremely good deal... for him!


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