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  1. Dokumanju

    Oya baka

    he he, congrats!
  2. Dokumanju

    Buying overseas PC games

    oh BTW, just in case they don't have the game u want, EBgames will ship to japan but i'm not sure the shipping costs will be worth it for just one game.
  3. Dokumanju

    Buying overseas PC games

    i used to use overtop but they closed down. G-dex is good, their shipping is 500 yen to anywhere in japan if i remember correctly (only used them once). Good luck!
  4. Dokumanju


    what powwers said +1 - a stiff board isn't necessarily faster, just feels safer. oh, and a flexy board is a little easier for beginners.
  5. Dokumanju

    Making my PC dvd multi-region

    i just use vlc media player - never had any problems with it playing us/japan dvds and my drive hasn't had any region changes registered either. just google it and u should find it easily.
  6. yep, snowing here in hakodate too.
  7. Dokumanju


    welcome aboard misaki. cheers from Hokkaido.
  8. Dokumanju

    Help a brother out!

    are ya interested in working at an english school? www.ohayosensei.com is a good place to start. That's where i got my current job. As for working in Hokkers. There's that Ken Hartman guy, he wants 5K yen for a list of schools to work at. I've never went thru this guy but others have told me he is for real and not a scam. If you've got IT/finance experience I can hook u up with a headhunter guy i know in Tokes(tim from shinano machi - did u ever meet him?)
  9. Dokumanju


    i hate my local daiei. I hope it closes down and a real supermarket takes it place.
  10. funny, i have a similar situation to others here with my neighbour's dogs. Usually what j-people do about the dogs, u can call the anteijo (usually attached to the town hall/yakuba aka yakusho about it but all they do is call up the dog owner/abuser and tell them off. Not very effective and if u have vindicative neighbours like mine, they start doing childish things to get back at you. In my case, my neighbour woke up at 3 in the morning and drove past my house while holding down the horn. Twice.
  11. here's two more of togakushi. togakushi togakushimine btw, u can control the cams by using the presets, focus scan etc on the left - if it's moving by itself someone else is using it.
  12. for those stuck at home or behind a desk, check this out for some "image training" araragi
  13. yep, good to see you were all right in the end.
  14. Dokumanju

    The hate taxi thread

    Quote: I tried to book a black cab on the 27th of this month, 24 hours in advance. Because it was the holiday season they increased the booking fee from gbp2 to gbp25. That’s a 5000yen booking fee!!! that's insane!
  15. that wouldn't have been Nanae by any chance Sakebomb? It's convenient to get to from hakodate but man, i agree i've seen and experienced one too many mindless things there to be able to relax properly at that hill.


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