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  1. We don't live in Japan any more but hope to get back in winter for 8-9 weeks when we will be heading to Nagano for at least a few. Hopefully!
  2. Great report and pics Sciclone. We're out of Japan at the mo but hope to be back for at least a few months in winter. SK is top of the list.
  3. We went there once a while back. Once you get used to the smell (!)... it's a good place to visit. Quite unique that central part. And had some good age-manju (fried manju) which were really yummy. I like places like that.
  4. What wonderful photos again muikabochi (the ones in the village too).
  5. Ichigo daifuku --- first one of the season this morning. THose things are so yummy.
  6. I really like Tracey Thorns solo cd Out of the Woods. She should do another.
  7. I don't have that responsibility but a few close friends do and I can't believe how much effort they put into their jobs and drop anything at any time it seems. It's as if they are on 24 hour call. Feel for you!
  8. Bought the dvd yet big-will? Here's Colm Wilkinson, the original Jean Valjean, doing Bring Him Home. I'd so love to see him play the part live, he IS Valjean! Awesome and such a beautiful, beautiful, sad, sad song (especially when seen in context!) This was my favourite to sing, playing Fantine. Can't sing it quite as well as Ruthie here unfortunately....
  9. "Seven-times Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong has confirmed he is coming out of retirement" Mad!
  10. Glad you liked it. I was confident you would! I have just tonight re-watched the one-off 10th Anniversay Les Mis concert they did at the Royal Albert Hall (on DVD). There is no fancy set - just the 'dream cast' (lots of the original/best in each part inclusing THE best Jean Valjean and Javert) singing at the front of the stage with a huge orchestra and choir and the beautiful music. It is simply fantastic - I think I've seen it well over 10 times now and I never tire of it, simply cannot watch it without getting all emotional and having a good cry. If you loved it and wa
  11. Those Chinese girls all looked so tiny and young. Without knowing the full story, I kind of feel sorry for them.
  12. Good one. A nice wind, walking through a forest with flowers. Nature.
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