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  1. Related question... How much surface hoar is considered bad? Sitting on the lift today, you could see the hoar over the snow that hadn't been skied on, ie the glistening stuff.
  2. Actually, I did Hakuba instead as there was a tiny bit of fresh snow and some cold days. All good
  3. Right...sod it, I'm going to Hakuba tomorrow, little bit of snow. Seems like the best route is shinkansen to nagano, then a highway bus. Where do the highway buses from Nagano leave from & What's the best way from Hakuba to Hakuba Goryu?
  4. Any advice on these 2 backpacker accommodations? ...or others Annipuri Youth hostel YEN 3250 or 4930 with meals Kogen Youth hostel inc 2 meals 5935
  5. Looks like rain Monday and Tuesday though? Any suggested cheap flight companies? Looking like YEN34,300 vs the 9,000 yen to get the night train there with my JR pass...
  6. Maybe I should head up to Niseko Saturday night with all the snow forecasted?
  7. So how many runs are worthwhile getting on between Hakuba Goryu, 47 and One? Gagging for some snow...
  8. Cool - all good ideas. I guess the main problem is that this will take me up to around the 10th-12th. I doubt if there's gonna be enough snow by then
  9. Done: Tokyo Kyoto Nara Hiroshima Matsuyama Beppu Onsens are cool but a lot of the hostels are empty outside of the cities. Not much good doing these things when there's noone about to share - not that sharing onsens is necessarily a good thing Takayama, Nagoya, then Hakuba...a thought
  10. It shuts on the 15th I think, I'll be there tomorrow or day after. I've done Kyoto and Nara, I'm all templed out now, which is why I need a change It's a bit quiet everywhere and I think I'm actually running out of things to do...
  11. I think I've seen all the temples I want to now. Just wondering on this itinerary if there's anything else I could add for the next few weeks: Day 1 Osaka around town/night out Day 2 Tokyo around town/night out Day 3 Tokyo fish market and wander Day 4 Nagano and to the monkey onsen. Possible skiing in following days, if not: Day 5 overnight to Sapporo Day 6 Sapporo Day 7 Sapporo Possible skiing in following days, if not ?????
  12. Sapporo in winter, really? Long way back to Osaka I guess if the snow doesn't come by the 10th.
  13. So, what are some good places to see in Japan while we wait for the snow? I've been everywhere SOuth that I want to go to, maybe Osaka and back to Tokyo for a few days but if the snow dfoesn't come soon I might have to leave for SE Asia.
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